Saturday, February 04, 2006

Phun With Photos

Look Slade! It's every girl's dream come true: Captain VonButler

So, people, what thespians would you insert into your favourite movies? Not that I'd take Plummer out of SoM, mind you. :o)

I did not Adobe these next 3:

Do not step on the gas pedal of your new stove!

Do not install a slide in your new stove (or place your baby on the gas pedal)

Apparently whatever this guy's doing is OK cuz there's no circle with a slash. Or else it's a warning that there's an electric eel trapped inside the stove. An angry one.

Tonight our TKD Master blindfolded us 1 by 1 and had us do a form. I got Tae Guk O Jang, which ends with a jump into a twist stance. I was actually OK with directions and ending up straight and all, but it was a lot harder to keep my balance, especially on that twist stance. In fact, I totally did not land that, LOL! After that, he had us go 3 by 3, one behind the other. Our group got Tae Guk Sam Jang and then Tae Guk Sa Jang. After Sam Jang, I had no assurance whether I was where I was supposed to be, so I was leery of walls for Sa Jang, LOL! (Plus the Master was messing with me - "Oh, look out, Candy! Wall!" LOL!) **cringe, cringe** Sa Jang really moves you forward, so before the first side kick I asked, "is it OK if I kick?" There was a resounding chorus of "NO!!!"s Good thing I didn't just fire one off - I'd have taken out the poor girl in front of me. Yikes! When I was watching John, there was a loud smack on the wall beside me. The poor guy behind John had smashed into the wall. D'oh!

It amazed me how hard it was to remember a couple of the forms when blindfolded. Do I use more visual cues than I realise? (flags over there, so I need to go this way. . .) But I do them at home, too, so maybe not. Still, I know that starting out facing a diff direction is disorienting. Maybe it's the pressure of being seen but not being able to see? Anyway, it was a good exercise. After that he put us in the final position of Chun Jee and told us to do it backwards. O.M.G. That was sooooooooo confusing! Next time it will be Tae Guk Il or Ee Jang backwards. I have a week to practice, LOL!

Coming next: Fun With Fotos!! Muahahahaha!! Only cunning linguists will get this one.


Slade said...

mr. slade is quite a cunning linguist! hehe

That pic is too funny! You know, I actually haven't seen the other movies he is in, but did you hear that he is doing Beowulf???? How hot will that be?!

Anonymous said...

I love those signs with little man doing dangerous things. What's up with that baby? I guess it's a good thing we encourage literacy in this country.

Candace said...

Good for Mr. Slade! :o) (or you!! heh heh!)

Yes, Beowulf! In fact, see sidebar for Beowulf board link, LOL! No US distributor yet, though. :-/ He is continuing his longstanding tradition of acting in movies where he snuffs if. Oh, wait! He doesn't snuff it in Beowulf. That's the sequel. (The film covers only about half the poem, so he never gets to the dragon part.) He doesn't seem to live through many of his films though. Especially if he "gets the girl," LOL! I've seen 4 and that seems to be pretty true. I think Dear Frankie is my fave (my fave non-POTO that is, LOL!), and maybe the rule breaker.

Right now he's finishing up a nearly naked movie called "300." (about the 300 Spartans who fought the Persians at Thermopylae) Maybe you knew that. Too buff for me, though. I hope he disenbuffifies for Burns. :) (Yes, he dies in 300, since he's playing King Leonidas, and I assume he will die in Burns, since Burns only made it to 37.) Good thing he's not in SoM come to think of it. The Nazis would prolly kill him.

KitKat,those signs are a big hit in our house. :o) Bad things always happen to that poor guy! Pop machines squish him flat, water heaters engulf him in flames. Poor guy!

Faltenin said...

Hi Candy girl,

Love the references you fill your musings with! And we haven't even got into a Douglas Adams quote-pissing contest :o)

The "electric eel" pic makes me think of the movie poster for "Snakeman begins", where our hero gets bitten by a radioactive viper and gets that costume with a snake down the front...

And the "300" - I read Frank Miller's graphic novel, and it should be pretty damn good. Remind me to check out V for Vendetta too. In McTeigue has crapped one of my cult books, I'm going to sue him.

Candace said...

I'd love to get into a DA quote-pissing contest, LOL! Your blog or mine??

You made me look up "V is for Vendetta." I learned that there will be a Superbowl trailer for it today, but I won't be seeing it since I don't get any channels anymore. So he totally wrecked it?

Snakeman, LOL! That could mean all kinds of things. ;o)

Is he pretty dangerous, or Mostly Harmless?