Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Incinerator (say it like Arnie)

Well, some of y'all will remember that our toaster finally bought the farm. John got a new one, which is quite lovely with one exception. It's a little bigger than the last one and the "toastability" levers stick out a bit and catch on the side of the cupboard when I put it away, cranking it all the way up to eleven. (OK really 5, but who doesn't love a Spinal Tap reference here and there?) Result:


On a brighter note, Trillian has become the Great White (and Splotchy) Potato Huntress. First, she senses that her prey is nearby. She recons the area:

Then, the attack!!

Her nemeseis, the Black Defender of Tubers (I think he lives in that castle in the background), is never far behind!

I got some nice pics of Gogo building some wild and crazy Bionicle creatures today. I think this is my fave:

Coming to life in his hands
Complex beast, this boy

A new twist on sparring tonight. Matches were "first to 2 points wins." What a difference that makes in our styles! We never keep score, for one thing. For another, at a tourney, you don't care *quite* so much about someone scoring since you can get back in there and make it up. But "first to 2" puts you a lot more on the defensive. Winner stayed up to fight the next person (thus putting the winner at a slight disadvantage - or a big one, depending on how long the previous match went, LOL!) It was fun! Only really clean shots were scored, so some hits that would score in a tournament didn't score tonight - had to be a shot on a wide-open area. It was fun! :o) I have a lovely lump on last week's lump on my shin, though.


Jay said...

For some reason, the cat&potato story really made me laugh. I'm thinking I should have stayed in bed longer this morning!

Elizabeth said...

It's official - Trillian wins as my second favorite cat. I love the multi-rung stool sitting. And there's something in the face. I should post my related Fionn trio.

Candace said...

She belongs in Camelot. 'Tis a silly place! :) I'll be looking for Fionn.