Sunday, February 26, 2006

Random Deep Thoughts

I still have a bunch of cookies left if anyone's hungry. They're so rich even the kids don't OD on them.

Normally I'm ashamed to bake pre-made cookies, but I think at Comissary (I can never spell that stupid word!! 2ms? 2ss? 2 rs?) prices it's cheaper not to bake from scratch. However, if you come to visit me, I will bake you some of my friend's famous chocolate cookies. From scratch. Each one is like a wee brownie. Mmmmm!

So I was looking up
Nipplefruits (scroll way down that page) and SORELY tempted to incorporate them into my landscape but this bit concerned me: "The fruits are considered toxic and are not usually eaten. "

What the heck does THAT mean? Considered? Not usually? Puts me in mind of a fruit my dad bought at the market in HK one time. It looked like a small dark purple potato and most people he asked assured him it was poisonsous, while a few claimed it was delicious. He shared it with me. My mom - the cautious sort - was NOT pleased. But the latter group was right; it was delicious. So what do you think about nipplefruit? Toxic or not? Men can eat it, women shouldn't? Thoughts? Opinions? First-hand knowledge?

We're working on front yard landscaping this year so that we don't get more "we hate you cuz your yard sucks" letters from The Association this year. Yes, that was a passive admissal (word? now it is!) of having a non-standard suburban American yard. Boy would I love to plant the front as all wildflowers and prairie grasses. But it's not meant to be. Instead, I rebel on a minimalist scale by planting herbs and chili peppers in with my "landscaping" out front. :oP But, yeah, I do actually want an attractive yard and am looking forward to being able to put in more plants this year. Which reminds me: my friend went to a party at someone's house (OK, mansion) where they had planted $10,000 of *annuals*!! That's right! 10 Grand on plants that would last, what, 5 or 6 months here in MI? Wowza! Well, whatever trips your trigger I guess. . .

Poor John just broke another bowl. He's really good at breaking our largest bowls. (Pasta-serving type, and OK, it's only been 2, LOL!) This one was melamine (melamac?) so you'd think it would take a little more. Well, who knows, maybe it did before all was said and done. I will forgive him any kitchen transgressions since he's such a good cook. And I will make him feel better later. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!! :-D

By the way, anyone in the Detroit area need a Britax Roundabout? Prawn is about to outgrow hers and the only pregnant mom I know already has all the car seats she needs. Train of thought on that jump? Goldschl├ąger, LOL! Or else sex/pregnancy/carseats. :oP

I should prolly stop posting before I go into secret blog territory, so that's all for now. Unless I get ripped on mead and throw caution to the winds and expose myself (I mean, of course (I hope) my inner self) even more. . .

Darn. No pics. They make everything more interesting. Next time. . .


Leila said...

what the HECK are NIPLLEfruit!?

Candace said...

Funky, aren't they? If you click the link and scroll almost to the bottom, you can see one. Don't take them to China. ;o)