Saturday, February 25, 2006

This Post Contains 4680 Calories

It was definitely time for more pictures.

Tonight, in the name of Science, we decided to conduct a highly sensitive experiment.

Bag on the left: 200 calories per cookie, bake at 350º for 14 mins
Bag on the right: 190 calories per cookie, bake at 325º for 17 mins
Bag on the left bakes up like this:

Bag on the right like this:

The squeaky white guy wins. I guess those 10 extra calories are magic.

We went to the comissary and BX/PX today. Oh, and the Class 6 store. Can you tell?

Evaluation: heaven in a bottle!


Dh didn't believe they were real gold flakes.

I'm too impatient to wait for HNT so I'm starting PUF. (Partially Unclothed Friday)
I took a vote with myself and agreed it was the thing to do. The ayes had it. Well, the eye, anyway:

I think in future I'll avoid such crinkly details. I guess it's from being a laugh junkie. :oP Well, you know the saying: better to have laughed and crinkled than never to have laughed at all. . .

John wanted me to get more clothes at the BX. As previously mentioned, I loathe shopping for clothes. Plus, I already have my Amazing Mystery Shirt (which got me petted today) and a boobie shirt. Apparently I needed 2 more boobie shirts. (If you've seen Must Love Dogs you'll know about boobie shirts. Well, they're actually "boob shirts," but boobies are cuter than boobs, I think.) Anyway, it wasn't excruciating, so I lived through it -- and so did he. I saw a shirt that said "twisted" with a twisted Gumby on it that I'd prolly have bought if it hadn't been brown and had been a little more fitted. I've always liked Gumby. I painted a camo Gumby on my flightline helmet back in my crew-chiefing days. If I had any clue where that was (if I still even have it) I'd post a pic, but alas. . .

It's always good to be back on a base and Selfridge is no exception. The only real exception I can think of is Camp Parks in CA. (Dublin/San Ramon) It's an eyesore and an embarassment and I can't believe they've let it get into such a state. Maybe it's better now - haven't seen it in over 4 years. But even that one had its merits - namely that after 9/11 only military people could get in, so it was the one place in CA that wasn't crowded, LOL! And the burrowing owls all over the grounds were cute. Oh, and having it in our power grid made us immune from rolling blackouts cuz there was a prison on the grounds. HAHAHA!!! We actually used that as a selling point for our house. I'm told that's the Prison Heidi Fleiss (Madame to the Stars) was sent to, but I've never looked that up.

Bingus made me laugh today. She was talking about the "hot mittens." (oven mitts) Oh - Bingus is The Prawn. You can never have too many nicknames.

John found this video. Talk about an audience!! What a hoot! Sounds like someone copied one laugh and layered it, LOL! Painfully cute babies. :o)


tshsmom said...

Be proud of your laugh lines; I'm proud of mine!
I saw a lady on Dr. Phil, who refused to smile or laugh because she feared "the lines". How sad!

Candace said...

Wow, that is SAD! I'd much rather have lines :o)

Anonymous said...

The photos of the Goldschlager make me nauseous. I've never heard of anyone who drank that stuff who didn't feel at least mildly ill after!

Faltenin said...

Thanks for the thanks, girl! And thanks for the PUF (not sure I want to be doing a Poof in the near future though)

The food has got me hungry for something that's not as healthy as the rest of the stuff over here... And hey, I've got a bottle of that gold flaked stuff, too!!!

As for lines around they eyes, I can only recommend you listen to "Prettiest Eyes", by the Beautiful South. It explains all about those lines... (yes them again)

Candace said...

Kitkat - seriously?!?! No problems here, LOL!

Faltenin - that name sounded like a Redneck Deep South band. Boy was I wrong! I heard a snippet - looking for a longer one. :o)

noikldmh: kingdom of noiks

Anonymous said...

I guess I stand corrected; I do know someone Goldschlager doesn't make sick! Good on ya.