Monday, March 27, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different

His, Hers and Theirs

His muscles displayed in broad, flat planes
Gleaming, sweaty, in the midday sun
As he erects smooth stones into a wall

Her linen dress, crisp and cool
Swishing softly around her ankles
As she brings an offering of iced lemonade

His look, surprised by her unexpected kindness
Her glance, startled by his unexpected beauty

His smile, teasing, knowing
But also understanding
She’s out of his league

Her kiss, unexpected, self-conscious
But honest
He has that effect

Their bodies as one, melding, entwining
Their cries of passion sweet and salty
Drenched in sweat and lemonade

© Candace Mahoney 2006


Jay said...

Whoa baby.
That was surprisingly sweet for something so erotic.

Faltenin said...

Very visual. Nice. Well done!

Candace said...

Thank you both. :) Maybe I should have called it "Lemonade" - sweet and salty, LOL!

tshsmom said...

That's HOT in more ways than one!

Candace said...

Heh! Thanks. :o)