Thursday, March 30, 2006


The Peter Gabriel song, Contact, would be running through my head if it weren't for the tenacious chorus of "the internet is for PORN" circling gaily round and round in there instead. :o) Oh, that reminds me. That song spawned a short story I need to dig out and rescusitate. (Contact, not Porn Song, LOL!)

That last post spawned more non-comment contact than any other, LOL! And what do I have to follow it? Nothing. On the plus side, tomorrow is Half-Nekkid Thursday. On the minus side, I'm not sure I have an idea. Though I did have dh take another shot last week that would work.

On the doubleplus side, I'm writing my lost book again. Really writing it. I got a bunch of the outline mapped out again, got impatient and dove in to recapture what I remember. I think it's coming out stronger than before.

I was told today that I "wear my height well" by an older gentleman who was really wanting to make conversation. It was cute. He was so sincere. I'm not even frighteningly tall - a little under 5'10". But that's tall enough to not be able to find pants that are long enough. I was so thrilled to get those jeans I mentioned a few months ago cuz they actually come all the way down and TOUCH the tops of my feet. But they're starting to fall off me. Crud. I guess the last of the nursing weight is melting away. And the BX didn't have 4s when I went back to look. Phooey. So I keep washing and drying in hot, and in the meantime they're plenty loose for working out on the bag downstairs, so I don't have to change to go kick it, which probably results in my not procrastinating like I would otherwise. There's an upside to everything, right? :o) Good grief I can ramble, huh?

OK, I have to get back to really writing. And now Boba's Vette is back in my mind. Thanks for the lyrics, Fal. Lusty lips, not nasty. I owe you one. :o) Mmmmmmy backpack's got jets. . .


Faltenin said...

I'm trying to AVOID listening to the Internet is 4 Porn song... Hard enough to stop singing it first time.

Heck, it took me three effing months to unhook from World of Warcraft!!! (Poor Severus the Paladin... lost in Winterfell...)

As for Fett's Vette... I love the lyrics. The Sith wish... LOL

Candace said...

LOL! It's one of those things that just keeps cycling through your head!

The lyrics for Fette's Vette - OMG, could they be more brilliant? I love how they fit in "shut down all the trash compactors on the detention level."

Are you making a statement there, Fal? ;o) The Sith wish, indeed!