Friday, March 17, 2006

Jelly Legs

Tomorrow will be interesting. I had jelly-legs after our unique class tonight - lots of running, jumping, kicking, more running, more jumping, more kicking. I may have had a minor heart-attack as well. I hear it'll heal stronger, though, so that's OK, I guess.

Wednesday, The Prawn had a rough day. She was feeling carsick (for the first time ever) just as we got to Borders, then thought she was lost not once, but TWICE, then got a paper cut from her new book on the way home, then felt carsick again! Blargh! Then today Fishy seemed a bit weepy at the pool - not quite weepy, but on the verge. He was cold and looking pale, so we called it a day earlier than usual and came home to eat lunch with our friends and play. He seems to be fine. My friend made her chocolate frosting that I've been hearing about for months now, so I was forced to abandon my Lentular abstinence from chocolate and try it. Oh yeah!!!! Back on my chocolate abstinence now. But YUM! While we were swimming, I told my friend about
Egan's theory on pool-peeing, but neither of us is able to accept it.

John has one last-ditch plan to try to rescue my wriitng. Fingers crossed!

I was not a credit to my Irishness today, as I neither wore the green nor imbibed the Holy (Fire) Water. Bad girl! And the only foreign laguages I used were German and Korean. Maybe French, I can't remember. What a very bad Irish girl, indeed. Maybe I can make up for it tomorrow.



Egan said...

I don't think many will ever understand the pool urination thing. I know it's not popular. Yesterday I made a joke about peeing before I get in the pool with other swimmers. It went over ...well it went over. I will give details on flip turns on my blog. I'm such a tease.

If you need French tips, je peux vous aider. Hope you aren't too sore tomorrow.

Candace said...

Merci! Je vais lirez ton blog toute de suite!

OK, without Googling to see if I did that right, I'm just gonna leave it, LOL!

Such a tease!

Shockingly, no soreness at all today. Weird.

Egan said...

Let's hope for no soreness tomorrow then either. Glad to see the swim tips are of some value. It's like trying to explain to someone how to drive stick shift. You just know how to do it is all. I don't put a whole lot thought into my swimming. "Je vais lire ton blog toute de suite" "lirez" isn't infinitive, but no biggie.

Candace said...

D'oh! Lire.
A wee bit of soreness setting in this evening, but no biggie. :o)