Thursday, March 16, 2006

Marshmallows, Take 2

"What?" you ask, "Have monkeys actually flown out of your rear end??"

No, my friends. This was a different recipe, so I didn't have to wait for the aforementioned monkeys as a sign that it was time to make marshmallows again. Besides, I think 1 monkey attack per lifetime is more than enough.

Always trust Australians, that's what I say. Plus they're fun to listen to, and an Aussie accent always renders a guy several points higher on the hotness scale. Obviously, this was an Australian marshmallow recipe. Specifically, it's the recipe from "The Australian Women's Weekly" dated December 24, 1975. Why do I have that? I don't. The recipe is a photocopy that was given to my mom by an Aussie friend in HK. No, not Bradley Grieve's mom, the OTHER Australian family. Don't get me started thinking about how lovely Bradley's grown up looking. And you know he has an Aussie accent. Sigh. Eh, where was I? Oh yes! Success! (sadly for all of us, cuz Take 1 was a lot more entertaining)

They are really light and fluffy and taste quite good! Much nicer than store-bought marshies. Yes, I ate the strip that's missing, and then I ate more! No fat! But what a sugar buzz. By the time class is over I'll be all shaky for sparring, LOL! Maybe I should bring a marshie for a booster. Maybe the whole pan. . .

My friend at TKD who gave me recipe #1 (yes, she's still my friend in spite of that) tried to make them yesterday and they flopped for her, too. Obviously she had not yet seen my pics, and I had forgotten to fill her in on Monday night about the dangers of attempting that recipe. She didn't have sticky goo, though. Hers separated. Bleh. I say we blame the evil recipe, which is clearly a plot by Martha Stewart, or possibly one of her forerunners since it's quite old, to make us feel inadequate.

In other news, a thief came in the night:

Yes, the raccoons are back. Time to start throwing leftovers out on the deck again. I wonder when the first babies will make an appearance. I'll try to get pics.

The other day Mollusc had an idea:

I particularly applaud the use of a swim mask for safety purposes. I did tell her to get the heck away from me so I wouldn't die in the inevitable ensuing explosion. The Prawn immediately picked up on this, ran to John and shouted excitedly, "Daddy!!!! Do you wanna DIE?!?!?!?"
Odd girl.

More fun with surgical gloves:


I don't think they're sterile any more.

Mollusc poked Sluggie's with a pin and the resulting concussion was fantastic!! Sluggie then held a funeral for her glove. She even invited the glove's murderer. She buried it under Fishy's bed.

No HNT yet. Egan, I'm not sure you get to look since you mock it. ;o) Haven't decided what to use. Maybe I'll get an amazing bruise at sparring. I had another idea, but it would actually constitute FNT and no one wants to see that!


tshsmom said...

I'm happy for your marshmallow success; really; I AM! There's very little entertainment value in successful marshmallows. :(

Jenna Howard said...

Yay on the marshmallows! And they didn't look like spackle or whale sperm or anything but marshmallows. Whoo Candace!

jungle jane said...

Candace i am sorry to tell you that your friend's marshmallow yummy-thing was far more australian than yours simply because it was a flop.

our country does not believe that there is any point in doing this properly. that would be quite un-Australian, oh yes...

so how comes your condoms have all those little teats on them??

Candace said...

LOL! My dh wants me to tell you that you rock. :o)

Er, don't Aussie condoms have 5 teats??

Candace said...

Jenna, I was very pleased not to end up with whale sperm again.

TS - do you think I might be a Martha in the making?? ;o)

tshsmom said...

Nah, you're too good a MOM to be a Martha!

Candace said...

LOL! :o)

Egan said...

No HNT picture ever made it here. I am quite curious what you thought about posting for FKT. I have some idea that it was a slight bit naughty.

Candace said...

Ah, no. My thought was for FNT. Heh! Quite naughty indeed. It may be forthcoming next week with strategic Photoshoppification.

Egan said...

I see. Photoshop away if you must. Your mind has no bounds which should make for an interesting picture.