Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So after my lapse of eating the chocolate icing on my friend's cake (done purely for propriety's sake - well, OK, *mostly*) I have re-Lented and am off chocolate again. It hasn't been too hard for the most part until just lately. Before, I actually tested myself a few times, asking "Wouldn't you like some chocolate about now?" To which I would reply, "Devil, get behind me," and the ensuing physical contortions would be sufficient to distract me and prevent me from agreeing with myself. But lately, kamikaze chocolate things jump at me out of cupboards and scream my name, assuring me that they will be miserable unless I eat them. It's good for sparring, since I have to practice blocking quite a lot. But it's hard on the psyche to have to wrestle the chocolate things back into the cupboard and leave them there weeping distraughtly to themselves. Sometimes I feed them to the children rather than let them suffer.

In the spirit of the Lenten and approaching Easter seasons, I feel it's time to resurrect some of my favourite links. Yes, Peep Research, and Lord of the Peeps. I particularly like the vaccum experiments and Medical Miracle with the Peeps. The injected solvents are pretty good, too. Someone obviously put a LOT of effort into Lord of the Peeps. Possibly too much. My favourite bit is where "Galdalf throws as much of the ring as he can into the fire," LOL!

Today I attempted to assuage my chocolate tooth by trying to convince it that it was merely a sweet tooth. S'mores would have been good, but I settled for nuked Peep. About 20 seconds in our nuker will take a Peep to critical volume, after which, it suffers a complete breakdown. Of course they begin to deflate the moment one opens the nuker door, so this isn't as spectacular as the peak of the Peep's inflation. Perhaps this guy should lay off the sugar.

Life interrupts. More later.


Egan said...

Peeps! Hand them over! Pink Peeps are the best.

tshsmom said...

EWWW, I hate Peeps! I'll eat some chocolate for you though. ;)

Candace said...

Har! In the immortal words of King Leonidas, "Molon labe!" (Come and get them!) LOL! We ate a whole flat of pink Peeps today, LOL! Oh yes, please DO eat chocolate for me!!