Thursday, March 30, 2006


Finally, something positive in the press about Daniel Craig Even though it does have a stupid title and the writer is a little ditzy.

OK, so he does need to learn to drive a stick (and, because I'm such a nice person, I still offer my services freely to both Messieurs Craig and Brosnan for lessons since I'm pretty proficient with a stick. Take that as you will.) But you have to admit the man is buff. He was buff in TRI and now he's in even better shape. Is that possible? And not that bulked-up, giganto, scary buff, but a nice slim, hard (wow do you have a gutterbrain for thinking that!) buff. And parkour? I think that would kick my ass. I hate to say it, but I'm a sprinter, not a distance runner, and I have a slightly challenged knee that would hate me for running up stairs. So I'm impressed. And a little jealous that he can do that. And blown away by that pic of Monsieur Foucan doing a handstand on a rooftop railing. *gasp*

So the guys, I'm sure, are sick of hearing me talk about DC. And after Fal's tux shot (oh, Fal's tux shot! deep, focusing breath), I should be content. Where was I? Eh, I forget. Oh yeah. Time to move on. :o)

I failed in girlieness at sparring, but that's OK cuz no one wants to spar like a girl, least of all me. I'm afraid this is not the girliest look in the world:

Yeah, that's my arm. There's no target there. I'm not sure what happened. And why there's a bruise-free line in the middle is beyond me. Unless I got kicked twice there. Who knows? We were sparring to 2 again. Always fun, but always more intense. I can't bend or flex the last 3 toes on my left foot anymore. But that's been coming on for a while now, LOL! Ah, who needs 'em anyway. Flippers are just as effective. ;o)

Tonight we worked on jump spinning inside kick. Watch the guy in the blue hogu - he does it near the end of the clip. Poor red, LOL!I can do it standing or sparring with no probs, but this was with a running approach and I have really got to work on that. :oP My jump spinning back kick is coming along pretty well. I tried it twice in sparring last night. I need a little more speed still.

OK, I've bored enough peeps with TKD talk. John and I are going to see Les Miserables in a couple of weeks. I have to find someone to watch the Heathens while we go. I'm excited! I think it's on Easter, and we were going to go visit family, but we'll prolly launch the next day. Besides, that way we don't kill FIL by overlapping him by too much. (He's only home once a month or so.) Or, more importantly, he doesn't kill any of us. :oP

I *think* I may have found a way to get my mom to come and visit us. (She loathes Chicago and won't drive through there, plus her leg pain makes it too hard to ride in the car for long.) The answer: the train!! It's not really that much $! I think it's $79 to come this way and $62 to go back (okaaaaaay. . .) She could walk or stand on the train, and not worry about Chicago, so I'm feeling optimistic. (mostly cuz I haven't approached her about it yet) As long as there are no "Snakes on the Train!" everything should be fine, right?

My friend made bibimbap (sans bap - noodles instead of rice) for us for lunch after swimming. Yummy! :o) I have leftovers in the fridge. Eat your heart out, She-Ra. If you would come visit instead of pleasuring the nuns, we would feed you well. Not to mention Mollusc's - oh, wait that's a secret, I forgot. You have to wait. Neener neener.:o) Do you still read my blog? Cuz if not, I'll tell everyone else. Muahahaha!

OMG, does this look like fun or what?

Annyong hee ka seyo. :)


Faltenin said...

The bruise is OK, along with the spinning kick it makes you sound like a James Bond Girl ;o)

And I've got the Bond Tux!

Now I just need to find a Martini and a PPK.

tshsmom said...

That giant hamster ball does look like fun, but it would be difficult to look "girly" in it. ;)

Fal, I thought handguns were a no-no in your neck of the woods?

Candace said...

No sweat with the PPK. I have an Makarov which is basically the same thing. (Other guns are too big for my girlie hands, LOL!) But don't forget the Aston Martin. I know one of the Bond AMs was here a few yrs ago cuz my friend secured her dad a ride in it - or did he decline and she rode instead? Now I can't remember. Will have to try to ask her at TKD today if she knows where it ended up, LOL!

TSmom - I'm going to just rule out any girliness during sports, LOL! We can't have that getting in the way of fun!

tshsmom said...

I only know ONE sport where girliness is an advantage. ;)

Candace said...

LOL! Oh yes! Definitely an advantage there. :o)

missy said...

First, yay for finding another person crazy about Daniel Craig!! I love him so much that I watched Tomb Raider just to see him. I like that he gets nearly naked in some of his films. Layer Cake is brilliant!

Oh, I know someone who has been on a zorb! And I nearly got a friend a bday present to go on those but chose to get him a half an hour flying a tiger moth... so I can go with him, too!

Sting was great as JD at Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrel! Love him, too!

So giddy today haha!

Candace said...

Hi Missy! Thanks for stopping by! :o) I enjoyed Layer Cake except for the very end. Wah! :o( And yeah, that's why I saw TRI, too, after watching Layer Cake, LOL! But then I liked AJs character so much I watched TRII which has Gerard Butler, who, it turns out, is pretty hot, too, LOL!

I don't even know what a tiger moth is. A glider maybe? I'll have to google it.

You know someone who zorbed? How cool is that?!?! What did they have to say about it?

Candace said...

Whoa! A biplane! So, hopefully he's a pilot, then! ;o) Gotta love Sting. He's my soundtrack for the day today. Though he's been sharing airtime with Matt Pond, thanks to my sis.

Jaichan said...

Bibimbap was the first meal I ate in Korea! I went to Cheju-do in 1999. For less than two dollars, my friend, Jamie ('Willie' in my blog) and I ate a tableful of bibimbap and other Korean delights.
I wasn't so fond of the 'hangover' soup...coagulated cows' blood soup.

Candace said...

Hi Janice! I heart bibimbap! And all the little yummy side-dishes!

I hink I can do without the hangover soup, though. Eck.

Thanks for visiting! :o)