Monday, March 20, 2006

Snakes On a Plane, Baby

O.M.G. How could this be a real movie?!?! Somehow I was convinced it was all a delightful sham. But, no. There's an IMDb listing. And a trailer, LOL! Wow. They have so run out of movie ideas in Hollywood. The awful CGI puts this somewhere below "B movie" status, but it's funny in a "laugh at, not with" sort of way. Cruel? Um, yeah, go watch the trailer and tell me I'm cruel, LOL!

I don't seem to have much of anything to blog about today. I've been so totally uninspired since Phantom (my laptop) lost its map to all my writing. Gah! On the plus side, I've read a lot more. Yesterday I tried to buy this great-sounding book that Jenna mentioned, but alas. They only had book 2 at Borders. Wah!

Last night The Prawn was so tired, she crashed out on Gogo's blanket chest:

Obviously she's the little one on top of the chest, not the big one on the floor. The night before that, she fell asleep on the loft floor. Methinks she's entered another growth spurt. Especially after seeing her hork down a ton of spaghetti tonight. Wowza!

My melon (head, bad people, head!) hurts and I think it's time to go watch a different airplane movie that isn't entirely laughable. (Flightplan) Later 'Taters!


Jay said...

I wish I could have a growth spurt and it be socially acceptable :)

Candace said...

LOL! Me, too!!Napping and eating tons of food with no bodular (I'm enjoying making up new words lately)ramifications- what a life!!

Egan said...

Hollywood is in a funk. There's hardly anything original out there. And they wonder why 2005 was a bad year for movies.

Candace said...

You must watch the trailer. It's so laughable I thought it was a fake. It was the IMDb listing that finally convinced me it wasn't.

Maki said...

It's not a real trailer, it's for some type of contest on the website. The CGI isn't even close to finished (which makes me wonder why they even tried to use it).

I am still pushing Samuel L. Jackson for Best Actor for this movie. Don't try to stop me.

Candace said...

OK, I feel better knowing it's not the real trailer. Is it supposed to accurately repreent ANY of what happens in the movie? IS it a real movie??

SLJ should get some kind of award for accepting the role. I vote for the "It Can't Go Anywhere But Up From Here" award. I've deided he took the role as kind of an Absolute Zero assignment. After this, anything he does is bound to shine in comparison!