Thursday, March 30, 2006

Girlie Stuff

I have recently (since about last summer) been trying to become a bit more of a girly girl. I've always been a sporty girl and a devil-may-care girl and never really been much for practicing the fine art of, well, I guess flaunting my femininity, or even letting it get some air. Frank, I know you've been counseling my sis in these matters, so I guess it's partly that upbringing - the hide it all in the name of modesty mindset. (Oh and BTW it's working cuz her friend just told her she's such a girly girl. My sis! Wow!) I don't think I come across as a particularly modest person once I get to the point where I can speak freely with someone, but as far as body goes, well, yes. Until recently I had a fairly "hide the curves" attitude. Now I don't mean that I'm walking around looking like trailer trash or anything, but I'm getting into skirts (I like those boho ones because they are so not me in my past life and yet seem just right for me now) and maybe a wee bit of cleavage and things like the shiny shirt with a bit of coordinating bra peeking out.

Along these lines, I was informed by John a while ago that I don't walk like a girl. In fact, I think his exact words were that it looked like I "had spent years learning to not walk like a girl." (don't misunderstand - this wasn't a bash, just an observation brought about by a book I was reading to help me in my quest for goddesshood, LOL!) Hm. So I have a - well, I guess a gender-neutral walk. Is that anything like a Pat walk? Ack! Help me someone. I want to learn to walk like a girl. But will I still be balanced - grounded as it were? Will I tip over easily? Cuz I don't need that. I'm reminded of Hugh Grant's "funny run" in Mickey Blue Eyes. :o)

It's really quite something to suddenly start paying attention to your walk. I mean, I've been doing this for over 35 years - it comes pretty naturally by now and I never used to think about it. Now I find myself thinking about it a lot. How awkward. So I try the hip thing and that just feels fake - and really slow, LOL, but kinda fun. I need to get around faster than that, though. It's one thing to sashay into the room, but quite another to sashay in fast forward when you're on a mission. That just looks stupid. But maybe that's all part of it. Maybe girlie girls are never in a hurry. Or maybe I wear the wrong footwear. My preferred footwear is nothing, or sandals if I'm going into a store, but in cold weather I'll wear tennies or boots. I have some pseudo-practical girlie boots. I don't like heels. I'm quite tall enough already. I don't like to tower over people any more than nature has already dictated that I must. And that whole wobbly thing with the pinchy toes doesn't appeal to me. My foot isn't shaped like that. It's kinda square on the end. It's definitely not shaped like this ^ on the end. That's not to say I've never worn them, but these days I don't have the occasion to, thank goodness. Plus, my leg muscles would just be kind of freaky in heels now. Scary thought.

There may be more thoughts on this topic later as I continue my evolution.

And now for a pussy shot. Meow, Egan!

Jet found me writing the other day and decided to help. Thanks to my 8 yo who took the pics. :o) Jetty doesn't usually show up well in pics cuz my camera is prejudiced against black felines and refuses to focus on his kittiness.

Kitty Bliss - a few scratches in just the right places.

And now for a pubic Public Service Announcement. If you ever do this as a science experiment to study osmosis:

do not, I repeat, do NOT eat the ones on the right. Yes, they are plump and intriguing and entertaining. But they taste really, REALLY bad. Eck. All the raisiny goodness has gone down the drain with the brown water and they are just PLAH!

Soundtrack today: Sting (Sacred Love), Peter Gabriel (So), Cheb Khaled (Aicha), Chris Rice (Smell The Color Nine)


SighsofmyLife said...

So, what book are you reading to help in your quest for goddesshood? Inquiring minds want to know!

Candace said...

Hey there! I was just reading about Joe's Bad Day - probably while you were commenting. Yikes! I hope there aren't anymore like that.

I have 2 books. One of them is called "Superflirt"and the other I seem to have lost somewhere in my house - maybe it's in the chest with Moody ;o) Anyway, both are good and there's a fair amount of crossover. And they're not just for chicks trolling for guys, LOL! They're for married women, too.

Did I already link you to A Woman's Touch ? My favourite store!

Jay said...

I think I would have no idea how to walk like a girl, but apparently I have the running like a girl thing in the bag.

Anonymous said...

I can't help too much with the walk. I have horrible posture, which makes me walk funny all over. I think women who walk "like men" are cool anyway. I think the women who really have "it" are the ones who can appear feminine but also can shovel snow and talk sports occasionally. If your walk is the only thing that isn't all girly, then it becomes your "thing" and that's hot. In my opinion....

Candace said...

You 2 are too funny! :) Well, at least I'm in good company.

tshsmom said...

LOL!! I don't walk "girly" either, except when I'm seducing my husband.
I haven't worn heels since I met my husband 30 yrs ago. He's shorter than I, so flats are the only way to go.

Trundling Grunt said...

My eyes are old and slow so can't follow walking.

Candace said...

TSmom - oh yeah. I hate towering over my dh. We're about the same height - I'm a wee bit taller now. not sure if I grew or he shrank. I've known him a long time.

TG! Holy cow! How've you been? I've missed you! :o) Old and slow, indeed, LOL! Remembering PG Genesis (I'm listening to PG right now) does not an old person make. :o)