Sunday, March 26, 2006


Today we're off to Savannah-rama. That link is for last year's since I couldn't find anything for this year's. Hopefully I'll have some neat pics this evening.

Open Office (the Linux version of Word) is very user-friendly and I actually like it a little better than Word so far. I'm able to use it to open Word documents, and, supposedly, to write documents that can be opened with Word. The latter I'll have to test later today.

I've got to feed the crew before we head to Kalamazoo. (What a weird name for a city.)


Faltenin said...

When you get back, I want a who song on the theme "Kalamazoo", composed by you & the kids.

When you're off to Kalamazoo,
There's really nothing you can't do
Live in a zoo with Winnie the Pooh
Let's all go live in Kalamazoo

Candace said...

I can do that. Give me a moment, LOL! Um, wait a moment - Who like The Who? Because I'll have to do some research for that. Can you believe I don't know a singleone of their songs? But I might if I heard one. Terrible, I know, but this is what comes of growing up in the religion I did.