Saturday, March 18, 2006

That's All She Wrote

I'm having a very hard time getting motivated to write again until I know the status of the stuff trapped in my laptop. Argh. Plus the laptop - well - I don't know what's all going on with it, but it needs some help before I can write on it again, and I don't like sitting in The Cave (computer room) to write. :oP

Maybe I'll invent a muse.

The other day, Emmett (orange kitty) fell in the bathub while I was still in it. Yikes!!! I was rather concerned that he would shred all the flesh on my bod, or eviscerate me or whatnot, but he was rather calm about the whole incident. Pretty good, considering that the water was deeper than he is tall. He managed to stay up on his back legs and reach/scrabble for the side. Obviously that wasn't going to get him anywhere, so I boosted him out. He then went 'round the edge to leave (and no doubt have a proper kitty bath, thus magically drying himself) but he fell in AGAIN, this time behind me. *cringe* Oddly enough, we both survived the incident unscathed. I'm still not quite sure how. Then, the next day, he blew out of the window. Poor kitty. He's having a better week now.

In other news, turns out you can't believe everything you read. (well, duh!) But reports are sure getting more creative. Remember when Daniel Craig got 2 teeth knocked out during the fight stunt? Um, WRONG! He says, "I got bumped and I knocked a crown out. I got it fixed, simple as that. It didn't hurt and there was no bleeding. I saw a dentist and never left the set. I completed the day's work."

Tomorrow is March 19th. I tried to forget that date, thinking it would be easier, just like I purposely ignored the calendar when my kids were weaning cuz I never wanted to know the last time I sat down and nursed them. I never wanted to think "this could be it." But some things don't work that way and just as the address of the first boy I ever wrote to will always be permanantly emblazoned in my memory, so March 19th seems to be stuck in my mind. And maybe that's a good thing.


jungle jane said...

i suggest you simply tell Orange Kitty to be grateful for his life. you might tell him about the British cat you know in Australia whose owner is too mean pay for him to go home so he's facing a brick to the head...

SighsofmyLife said...

Am I missing some significance of March 19? What happened?

tshsmom said...

Did the cat learn his lesson about insisting on being in the bathroom while you're in the tub?
I'm relieved that you weren't "shredded", but I'll bet you got lots of dirty looks. ;)

Candace said...

I am definitely telling hom about Ian, so he can count his lucky stars. ANd so he is grateful every time I don't kill him when he's naughty. :o)

N - I've got a post up now about the 19th - it's the day my father died.

TS - I *think* he learned a brief lesson. He stayed away from the bathroom for days, LOL! FUnny thing is, he's always trying to steal our water. He has his own water, but it's much more exhilirating to steal from our cup. Bad cat. :oP