Sunday, March 05, 2006

Out of Hand

This "warm-up" aka procrastination-via-blogreading is getting out of control. I should have given up blogging for Lent, like Slade. You'll not be hearing from me 'til I've done another 2,000 words, minimum. And if you see me on your blog, chase me away with a carpet beater. :oP

And now I'm all homesick, Fal. But that's OK. Maybe the memories will help me write.

Later edit: well I did it, LOL! Not as painful as I thought. :o) Some hard work, and some flow, like always.


Faltenin said...

I KNEW that would make you homesick; so I even left out some of the nicer bits...

Maybe I'll put them in a later post.

Steph said...

Hiya, thanks for visiting my blog but sorry it helped you procrastinate a little longer ;)

Candace said...

Oh, thanks, Sweet Fal. :o) I was so hoping you were going to HK next. Go ahead and post 'em. It's bittersweet but more sweet than bitter. I'm reveling in nostalgia, LOL! And I'm loving the pics. :o) Got out my old album to look at some of mine today. Good memories, all. :o)

I've done a little over 3,000 words. I'm on a roll!

Hi Steph! Are you kidding? I LOVE to procrastinate, LOL!

Seeleah said...

So the pic here of me as a wee child was taken atop High Junk Peak in HK, Mr. Faltenin :)