Thursday, March 30, 2006

Nether Freckling HNT

OK, so this isn't "nether," but in the spirit of Half-Nekkid Thursday, half of the title applies. :-D


I think I should have had dh take it from farther away.

Startlingly, some of our plants started from seed still live. I should transplant them into pots.

Today is GORGEOUS! My older 2 went home with friends after this morning's hs class, the littles are outside, and the house is strangely silent. I'm going to muck out the car after lunch and then, hopefully, take The Phantom outside to write. :-D

My rambling on Fal's blog reminded me of the Star Wars Pants Quotes. This is ridiculously fun to do with your favourite movies. At least if you have the same sophomoric sense of humour I do. . .

May the pants be with you. Or not, as the case may be.


Faltenin said...

WHo cut your wings off, Angel?

Egan said...

You have a swimmer's back.

Anonymous said...

What a fab back! You're so thin and beautiful! Happy HNT!

Egan said...


Candace said...

LOL! Thanks everybody. :) I'll opt to take the swimmer's back as a compliment since I know you're a swim freak. I guess in my case it's a TKD back. I avoided the scary muscle pics. And now I have TKD toes. Ow.

Fal - you know it's closer to devil than angel. ;o)

Kitkat - isn't it strange that we both posted back pics? That's the one I had picked out before I saw yours. :) I was thinking of ripping off Jenna's collarbone (idea!) but it didn't come out quite how I wanted it.

Egan - Meow? LOL! I'll show you meow. Stay tuned.