Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Marching Into Spring

Happy March, everyone!!

I'm starting a new tradition - Link of the Day, an eclectic link I've found through my wild Googlechases or perhaps to someting I just like.

Today's LOD

In the Hocąk (fka Winnebago) tradition, stories are to be told only in the winter, so hopefully it's OK to post this link, though technically, I believe the stories are actually not supposed to be written down at all.

So I jumped the gun in thinking that second unkown country blog hit was from my "bomb" reference. When I looked at more stats, I saw that they came from a link to my POTO parody. I guess that means I can say "bomb" all I want. I now return myself to my regularly scheduled paranoid delusions.

Sluggie has gone "Deep Wood" (this is how the kids refer to going into the woods behind our house - a Bionicle term spinoff, I believe, from Lewa) and fashioned a makeshift bow and arrow out of sticks and vines. I talked to John last night about finding someone who bowhunts or does archery to find out what sort of setup would be suitable for amateur target shooting. Turns out there's a guy in the building where he is right now who has his own archery biz. How convenient. Don't forget to track him down, John!


Found another poem whilst tweaking the one about Fishy and my dad. In a blind moment of nostalgia and allowing trepidation to defer to impulsiveness, I decide to post it.

Works of Art

You are so alike
Short golden hair framing serious faces
As you bend your heads over your work

You are so different
One choosing a slender brush
Painstakingly dabbing in the details
Rinsing swirling clouds of colour into the water cup

Before moving on to the next hue
The other coating a fat brush with glorious gobs of blue and orange
Then slashing thick, garish strokes across the paper
The process more important than the product

And all the while, Chopin’s tinkling piano droplets
Sprinkle down around us like the rain that drove us inside

I drink in this moment, entranced by the sight of you both
So alike

So different
So beautiful


tshsmom said...

Beautiful poem!!

Candace said...

Thank you. :o)

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