Friday, March 24, 2006

Eggling Day

Believe it or not, the kids wanted more deviled eggs today. This time I made a few with wasabi mayo that Sluggie and I devoured greedily. I found out they're also good with a sprinkle of Northwoods Fire seasoning.

March 24th and it's snowing. Just flurrying, really, but still. It's rather incongruous to have these white flakes drifting silently down against a backdrop of warbling redwing blackbirds.

At the pool today, Mollusc, Fishy and I did Viktor Krum/shark head impressions and nearly drowned from laughing underwater. (Sluggie and The Prawn had already gotten cold and climbed out by then.)

I miss making chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cookies. Argh. When is Easter?

Tomorrow, the 2 bigs test for Senior Red Belt. John and I test for the same in May. After that comes Bo Dan (temporary black) and then Black. Scary. It will take almost another year and a half, though, because black belt testing is only twice a year. That will give me time to work up to 150 pushups and 150 situps. :oP Right now I can only do 50 pushups in one go and those last 3 are tough. Fishy got another tip, too, so maybe he'll be testing on the same day that John and I test.

Remember those optimistically planted seeds of a few weeks ago? Some of them are still growing! Emmett (bad orange kitty) did eat the tops off of the ones near the edge (GRRR!) but we have quite a few sprouts that we will keep on trying not to kill before transplanting weather comes. I have some other seeds I need to plant, too, but I'm not sure where to keep the flat where it will get light and be away out of reach of the snapping jaws of doom.

Writing beckons!


Egan said...

New post already? Eggs again? Man, you move fast?

Candace said...


Egan said...

sorry, I got a little carried away with my question marks. I am so dumb like that?

Candace said...

That has been happening to me lately? Don't you hate that!