Monday, March 06, 2006

I Candy

Or I, Candy.

I forgot about my pix. I was having fun catching the smoke in different configurations as it wafted upwards. This was the oddest one. There was one that spelled out "N-e-i-l G-a-i-m-a-n" but it wasn't that exciting.

Each moment fleeting

Slipping through grasping fingers
Like smoke in the wind

Time rushes onward
Make some memories today

Live every moment

Before I know it
Your childhood will have vanished
In a puff of smoke


Anonymous said...

She's so cute, Candace! It's chitlin pix this week, isn't it?

I noticed that with Neil Gaiman too. I had logged into blogger and there it was in blogs of note.

Everywhere everywhere everywhere.

Faltenin said...

OK, stop whining, I'm back ;o)

Ah yes, the Neil effect. I have his biography of D Adams as well as his other books. All excellent.

Remind me to give you a list of recommended reads for when you've finished the ten million you've already got queued up.

Jay said...

I think my problem is failure to grow up.

Candace said...

Thanks, Jenna :o) I guess it is! Monster's such a cutie that when I try to imagine her demanding her milk, I just can't. (do I hear you snorting? ;o) )

Fal! Thought you didn't love me anymore. ;o) I'd love to get that list. Looks like I might have to add Terry Pratchett, too. Have you read any of his?

Ha, Jay! True enough on my end, too. :oP

Anonymous said...

What great pics! That smoke swirl formation is very cool. I think it would be cool in b & w too.

Faltenin said...

Darling, I have the complete Pratchett on my shelf...

You should probably start with Color of Magic / Light Fantastic, the first in the series, a good intro although not the funniest. They're all good. I read Going Postal on the way back from Hollywood and pissed off everyone in the plane with my laughs.

His crossover with Neil is good, too.

But from Neil, start with American Gods. Or one of the Sandman graphical novels, like Seasons of Mist.

Oh, and if you havne't read Bujold's Curse of Chalion / Paladin of Souls... also on the list.

pdp said...

"childhood vanishing into a puff of smoke" so true, so true. What I would not give to do it all over again, listen to me, sounding like an old geezer.

tshsmom said...

Ain't that the TRUTH?!
I love the concentration in your little one's face! ;)