Thursday, March 09, 2006

Meet Evelyn

HNT will come this evening. In the meantime, I'd like to introduce you to Evelyn. No, Evelyn is not my muse. Do you have to rub it in like that? Sheesh! *sigh*

No, Evelyn, my friends is - well, let me say it in 1,000 words:

I can hear some of you now. Behind the rock? Oh - you mean the thing that left that little tiny footprint in front of the 2 pieces of the rock! A possum, right?
No, my friends, not the possum - cute though he is. In fact, dear readers, Evelyn IS the rock.

Yesterday afternoon the children had all gone "deep wood" leaving me here to procrastinate in my museless fashion. They had been gone for some time when I heard the Prawn on the deck shouting "Will somebody please let me in??" Since I was the only person in the house, I assumed that by "somebody" she was actually referring to me, so I got up and, sure enough, she was waiting for me to open the sliding glass door (or, as they say here in MI, the "doorwall" Bahahahahahaha!!! Ahem. Excuse me.) No sooner had I gotten her into the house, de-booted and de-coated than she turned around and said, "Oh! I have to bring Evelyn in!" I assured her that Evelyn would be fine outside, but she was very worried. Can you guess why? No? I'll let the Prawn tell you in her own words. Because "she might blow away!" **snort**
You try arguing with a four-year-old that a rock of those proportions cannot possibly blow away. Nevertheless, I did convince her to leave "Evelyn" outside.

When I told the older 2 about this episode, they said, "No, Evelyn's a unicorn."
Yes, their imaginary friend. They've had her for some time. I felt a bit silly because, well, a unicorn just *might* blow away - especially an imaginary one. How could I have forgotten that Evelyn was a unicorn? Why did I think she was a rock? What had I done? Had I scarred the Bingus for life by making her leave her imaginary unicorn out on the deck to blow away in the next gale force wind?

Hopefully, I asked, "What's that rock called?"
The older 2 promptly answered "The One Rock." (it's OK to roll your eyes if you need to)

Begininng to lose hope, I asked the Prawn, specifically, "What's that rock called?"

To which she promptly answered, "Evelyn."

Whew! Close one!

In other news, a new tribe has been discovered in the heart of Deepwood. I captured them on film (well, pixels) performing some mysterious religious morning ritual. Perhaps the practitioners believe that this ritual will somehow consecrate their food and render it fit for human consumption. (OK, who's snickering about my cooking?) I assume that I am not yet faithful enough since it doesn't work when I try it. Or perhaps Gravity is just strong with me.


Faltenin said...

Your kids are beautiful, baby.

Candace said...

Morning hair and all? ;o) Thank you. :o)