Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Sweetest Thing

Kitkat had asked about the nicest thing someone has done for you and though I didn't think to post it at the time, yesterday I remembered Sluggie's stitches. Tshsmom, I was reminded of it by the health insurance discussion going on at your place.

After 9/11 John was activated to full time status at the Air Guard in WI. 8 or 9 months later they didn't need so many people anymore and he was suddenly out of a job (other than his regular Guard status - one weekend per month.) Of course we had no health insurance, and several months into this Sluggie fell in the basement and cracked open the back of her head, requiring stitches. John took her to the Urgent Care clinic (which was very hard for me, let me tell you! But Prawn was a wee little tiny nursling and it didn't make sense for me to be the one taking Sluggie in.) When he got there, he told the receptionist that he'd been out of work for several months and that we had no insurance. She told him to tell the doctor the same thing when they got in to see her. When Sluggie was all stitched up (3 stitches) the doctor said, "How does $20 sound?" Dh thought she meant for a down payment or something, but she told him, no, $20 for the whole deal. Can you believe that?!? We were flabbergasted. I've since talked to other people whose kids have had stitches and it usually runs to one or two HUNDRED dollars. Sluggie made the doctor a nice thank-you card. I sure hope that woman realises what a blessing she was to us. And I hope she is blessed in return.

While were on the subject of injuries, my friend got some hermit crabs but one of the crabs's feeder claws fell off. Here was my suggestion:

I also suggested chopsticks but the spoon looks better. That's pretty much the mental image I had while we were dicussing this during warmups at TKD and I couldn't stop laughing. (BTW that's not her crab - just a nifty Photoshop job, LOL!)

Here's my LoD. You may recognise the design there from this week's HNT.

Now I'm off to re-watch Pride and Prejudice. John and I got - uh - distracted last night while watching it, so I'd like to see it again. :o)

So what's the nicest thing someone has done for you? Well - there are prolly lots, but what are 1 or 2 of them?


Tillerman said...

What's the nicest thing someone has done for me? I guess there's a few ..

1. The friend who invited me to the party where I met my wife (of 33 years this April).

2. When my first grandchild smiled at me when she woke up.

tshsmom said...

That doctor WAS unforgettable!
We recently had a blogfriend send my son a package of info on Tasmania that he got on his trip there.
Nice job putting the spoon on the crab!

Faltenin said...

Did you really do that to the crab, or is it some nifty photoshopping???

Candace said...

LOL!! The latter. **Candace wonders if Fal got the word 'nifty' from the post and is messing with her, or if he missed that part and it's a strange coincidence. . .**

TS - That's really cool! Definitely an act of kindness. :o)

Tillerman - wow - life would be so different if your friend hadn't invited you to that party.
I love baby smiles, too. Sometimes babies look so wise it's a little eerie.

idlitqi: what I brought to the Potlatch *shrugs*