Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lend, Lending, Lent & First HNT

Inspired by Slade's post, I've given up chocolate for Lent. My kids thought I was crazy at first, but now they're trying to come up with something of their own. A friend of theirs gave up reading for pleasure (and she's a HUGE fan of reading) and her brother gave up Playstation. Very impressive, IMO.

Here's my first real HNT picture. As you may recall, last week's was a PUF since I'd missed Thurs. I think next time I'll monkey with some filters and stuff. This is pretty much
the view to which I treated everyone at Target, so why not post it for the rest of the world to see? ;o)

Today's LoD. Apparently we women could take over the world if we would only have sex with everything and everyone. Doesn't sound that far-fetched, actually. At any rate, my sis and I have a new verb: to bonobo.

I was supposed to call John, but I lost his Ph#. D'oh! His cellophone doesn't work in Winona. Double D'oh!

We're watching Merlin and I just figured out it's 3 hours long. I think we'll skip swimming tomorrow and sleep in. No red belt class for anyone tomorrow (Family Fun Night at the Dojang) so we are free, free, FREE! We were there for 6 hours today, so it's just as well. :oP We stopped for pizza on the way home (I was thinking it was payday) and the card was denied. How embarrassing. *Tomorrow* is payday. :oP At least my face was so red from TKD that I bet no one could tell if I was blushing when my card was denied, LOL! Thank goodness it was Little Caesar's takeout and not a place where you eat first and *then* pay!

I prolly have more to babble about, but I want to get my HNT up before it's not Thursday anymore. :oP


SighsofmyLife said...

It's *the* shirt isn't it? Can you really be HN when you're wearing *the* shirt?

Faltenin said...

Nice errr.... pendant. Yes, that's the word, pendant.

Does it open a portal to another dimension, protect from wraiths, give true seeing or dispell stupidity 10' radius?

Candace said...

Yep, Nita, it's *the* shirt. :oD Well, I wasn't All Nekkid, and who can say what I was wearing on the lower half. ;o) Muahaha!

Thanks, Fal! I'm glad you enjoyed my. . . pendant. :o) It actually opens the portal to the objects directly below and gives the wearer the ability to laugh in the face of awkward situations. As an added bonus, it offers the ability to chip the teeth of the wearer whilst jump-roping. (hasn't actually happened yet, but it's been close) I would like the one that dispels stupidity but they're illegal in this state because they were causing an inordinate number of wrecks downtown - stupid people flying back 10' as far as the eye could see.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated HNT! I didn't get a chance to read this post until Friday. Looks like we've both officially jumped on the bandwagon!

Moosekahl said...

Welcome to the craziness! Great HNT shot.

Candace said...

Thanks :o)