Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happiness in My Inbox!!! :o)

Yes, yes, yessssssssssss! **happy dance**
Well, I didn't actually mean *that* inbox - but OK.
I had an acceptance email in my Inbox today! Someone who is actually sending me MONEY for a poem I wrote. It will be up on the site for 1 month. Click here to go to the site. It has Adult content, so caveat lector. :o) Sad that I can only tell a few people IRL about this. Jenna, Paige, do you share your successes with your parents? Most of the peeps I know prolly wouldn't approve, LOL! My mom could read this one (might make me a little squeamish, though) but not some of the short stories. :oP

I had already started this post when my sis prompted me to check my email for a very, very bad song she sent me. *snickersnort* And what should be awaiting me but those lovely words, "I loved your poem 'Forbidden' and would like to use it on my website. " And now I'm supposed to finish the rest of my rambling instead of jumping up and down on the couch like Tom Cruise? I will try, reader, but you must excuse a few shrieks and floor-poundings here and there.

I'm jumping back on the Flylady wagon. Can that be my Anti-Procrastination measure for the week? Back on the wagon - so you know what that means. Yep, I have a shiny sink. I never seem to fly, though. I'm always crawling. Maybe this time I can do it. Heck after getting an acceptance letter (can you tell they have been few and far-between?) I can do ANYTHING!! :o)

We're settling into the new math books. It always takes a little bit to figure out where to plunk in, since there's always some overlap and we don't need that, having not just come off of summer vacation. Mollusc (10) is doing the Honours Pre-Alg and really enjoying the Honours pages (supplemental pages for the regular book), Sluggie (8) is settling in fine in the 5th grade book, and Fishy (6) is in the 3rd grade book, but I'm going to be skipping him ahead to the new concepts and letting him work on the multiplication drills on the computer instead of spending all that time on the pages and possibly boring him to tears. Prawn (4) is still in her 1st-3rd grade book and will be there for quite a while yet.

*****boing boing boing boing***** ('scuse me)

This isn't working, LOL! I'm going to have to go bounce around a little and try to post more later.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, congrats! I'm so happy for you!

And I got a kick out of "snickersnort."

Candace said...

Thanks! :o)

Seeleah said...

YAY!!!! Even if you DID throw me viciously down the hill!!!!!!!

Candace said...

Muahaha! Every good deed has its rewards. :-D

Besides, who threw whom off the scaffolding??

tshsmom said...

You're soooo right about public school math! Z only had 3 chapters worth of new material in the 5th grade. The rest was ALL review. His teacher couldn't understand why he didn't pay attention in math class. DUH!
The only textbook we've bought, so far, is an Algebra 1 text. I couldn't come up with enough quadratic equations on my own. Word problems are another story. I make EVERYTHING an Algebra word problem. Z finally told me that- "Life isn't a word problem, Mom".
Yes it is! ;)

MQ said...

Congratulations on the publication! Isn't that the best high? Not that I would know what being high is like...

Candace said...

TS - mind boggling, isn't it? And I think real-life math is the BEST because a)they see how it's useful IRL and b) it's waaaaay more meaningful than working on probs about some Joe traveling to Chicago on the red eye while his cousin's dog's hairdresser takes the train. :oP

MQ - thanks! :o) Yep a great high. I need to do it everyday, LOL!

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Anonymous said...


I did share with my parents until my mom read what I wrote. Oh to have been a fly on the wall when she read the first sex scene up against the bar. She never finished reading the story.

She's all "Well, I won't tell my friends what you write dear." Although I had a delicious time flashing around my first review at their anniversary from Just Erotic Romance Reviews. Oh it was fun to watch eyebrows climb up, the double takes.

I still tell her just to hear her say "Is it one of those books?" Then watching her eyes shut in pain when I say "Yes."

Candace said...

LOL, Jenna! I told my mom today that I had a poem accepted, but I didn't elaborate. She said she hasn't read anything of mine in too long, so I'll send her some stuff, but not sure whether I'll cough up this one. :oP

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