Friday, December 02, 2005

"Better Wizards 'n You Have Lost a Buttock"

Well OUCH! I think I snapped something important under my left buttock during stretching. OK, not really snapped, but ow.

We started learning Tae Guk Chil Jang today. How very confusing. Pom Sogi (Cat or Tiger Stance) and kodro patang son maki (supported palm mid-block) are new to us. It's confusing trying to get the open hand and closed hand straight and sort out whether we're supposed to be in cat stance or back stance. I think I forgot my name. . .

One of my sparring partner's elbows has a bruise that matches the one on my foot. *looks innocent* At least misery has company. ;o)

The wretched children - all of them - my 4 and my friend's 2 - spent most of their pool time in the SHOWERS on the sidelines, leaving their mom and myself in the pool all alone, LOL! Silly kids. We coulda stayed home. At least we got some adult conversation out of the deal - always a plus for a mama. The guy in charge of the pool was cracking up over the kids, though.

We ate at O'Callaghan's for lunch. Since we don't get out to eat much (OK NEVER!) that was fun. And the food was great!

Well, if I don't go soak in the tub, I'll not be able to walk tomorrow. ;o)

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