Thursday, December 29, 2005

Spiritus Sancti

My SIL introduced us to The Boondock Saints which we quite enjoyed. This isn't the type of film I usually go for, but I did like this one. We watched it again tonght with She-Ra, so she could see it. She enjoyed it, as I knew she would. Sometimes I know which ones she'll like, sometimes I'm clueless. We watched the deleted scenes and I think all but the call from mum deserved to go or shrink down as they did, but I would've liked to see the call from mum in there in a shorter version, so you can see where they get their knack for messin' with people. I was glad to see the more graphic violence cut out.

Ironically, we have yet to find a good music store in Motown, so we hit the one here today and got some great piano stuff, including POTO non-easy version. YAY!!

Mollusc found some stuff that made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. (package warnings, etc.) Ahhh!

We made it to Frugal and traded in our books for some we'd been looking for. Also found Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. :o)

Your Horoscope:

Aliens may have kidnapped you, but that's no excuse for that outfit. You will be surprised to learn that people who live in glass houses do, indeed, sink ships. Beware the tubby orange cat.

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