Thursday, December 22, 2005

Grrrgh! Fire Good!

OK this whole having fire thing is very, very good! The cats agree.

Today was the last day of TKD before the dojang closes for Christmas and we got quite a workout. Then it was on to sparring. Wow! I definitely need to avoid sugar before TKD because by the time we get to sparring, I'm crashing and shaky. I'm better off with nothing and then just Gatorade right before/during class than if I have anything with sugar before class. This time it was a graham cracker and a very few sesame/honey cashews and even that did it to me.

Sparring was great as usual. There is a guy who has lately gotten REALLY good and I get a little nervous about sparring him - not afraid I'll get hurt, just that he'll kick my ah, bum, so all the more reason to spar him, YK? I feel pretty good about how I'm doing. I'm not doing the deer in the headlights thing, and I'm getting a lot better about moving out and back in instead of just wading in and taking a bunch of shots so I can dish out. I still have far to go, of course, but I like coming away feeling like I didn't suck, or that I even did a decent job. :)

On the downside, OW! I've got some killer inner thigh cramps off and on tonight. Dunno why. Maybe cuz I got further into some of my stretches than I usually can. I hope it doesn't get really ugly tonight.

Looked up from class today to see GoFish mopping the glass doors. *sigh* Why do they love cleaning when they aren't so good at doing the right thing or doing it properly? And why does that change as soon as they become more capable?

I got kicked SO HARD in the bum tonight. Yeeeeeowch! So it goes, LOL!

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