Saturday, December 17, 2005


We went to the TKD Christmas Party/Awards Ceremony last night and had such a blast. Good food, good friends, good fun - chiefly DODGEBALL!! Parents (as many as we could get to join in) vs. the kids. What a great time! I was also very pleasantly surprised and honoured to get a Certificate of Merit for good attitude, working hard, etc. That was really cool! And there were a few "perfect ___kick" and "perfect forms" patches handed out (a new thing) Sluggie got the "Perfect Side Kick" patch. Go girl!

I have more PMOTO coming up, honest. Sorry it's taking so long - busy couple of days. I have a chunk started and a couple of ideas jotted down and am hoping to finally get some more writing time tonight, so stay tuned. :) And thanks to my loyal viewers out there. *kiss kiss*

Remember, there's still time to vote on poor Roul's fate. His life hangs in the balance and only you can tip it one way or the other! I think there will be 2 or possibly 3 more installments including what I've got in the works now.

Yum! John's making Indian food for supper! I ADORE Indian food. Off to make the raita! (I do my own variation using what's on hand, but you get the idea.)


TheBestDressedDoll said...

Okay, unless Christine rips off the Phantom's mask, and it's Palpatine....then The Phantom should get her. *nods*

*taps foot impatiently waiting*

Candace said...

Heh heh!! FUNNY!!!!! :oD