Saturday, December 03, 2005


Wow! Nothing is safe these days. Did you know that those "Pine Mountain" fireplace logs are a FIRE RISK?!?!?! Saints preserve us! I'd like to add to their list of 12 additional cautions which include warnings such as "Always open damper before starting a fire" and "Never leave children or handicapped persons alone near a fire."

13. Do not eat

14. Do not marinate overnight in gasoline

15. Never pick up a lit firelog with your bare hands

16. Do not use firelog without a fireplace (actually, there is a very similar warning already on the package)

17. Placing a lit firelog on your computer or monitor may cause damage.

18. Not responsible for damage if used as aircraft chocks. (they are startlingly similar to the chocks we used on the A-10s and later the F-16s)

19. Does not meet federal children's sleepwear flammability standards.

We went to two restaurants in Milford today. The first one had nothing interesting on the menu, so we left. Mollusc was rooting heavily for the dramatic out-the-window exit, but we opted for the door. The second place had great food. Wow - 2 restaurants in 2 days. 2 is a record for a MONTH for the kids and me. I wonder if that really counts as 3. . .

We hit the toy store and got a few art things for Prawn's birthday, which is coming up surprisingly soon. 11 days I think. Yikes. That means my mom's is in 10 days. Ack! (Prawn insisted on having her own B-day and refused to be born on my mom's even though she was already 11 days LATE!!!!!!)

We drove through Kensington Park on the way home and saw 5 deer, lots of swans and geese.

Mollusc, who complains when I play POTO lately (though she'll request certain songs once it's on, and belt 'em out with the best of us), insisted on playing it in the car AND grabbing the minidisc when we got home so she could listen to it some more. However, she's on to Dragostea Din Tei now. I sure miss that CD. :'o( No idea where it went. . . The other 3 constantly warble away at all the songs whether we have the CD on or not.

We're going to do an early Prawnie birthday with Grandma tonight. The Prawn had no objections. I think we'll do a movie after that.

I want to see Aeon Flux, but I know I won't 'til it's out on DVD. (too hard/expensive with 4 kiddos to get taken care of.) But I was encouraging a TKD friend to give me a report after she sees it. She was supposed to go last night if she could get someone to go with her. I was telling her that it was my wallpaper until yesterday, when I switched it to Beowulf. That got another friend going. "Beowulf??!!" He was very excited to hear that there was a movie coming out. Well - hopefully we'll get to see it here in the US. Still no distributor I guess. Now that is one I'll have to arrange to see on the big screen.

Almost done with Thos Covenant #1 again. It's going REALLY s-l-o-w-l-y because I spend almost all my free time writing now.

Sheila, if you're still looking for some, you can borrow mine as I finish 'em.

On a very happy note, whatever I "snapped" yesterday seems fine now. No buttock loss in my near future. :o)

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