Thursday, December 01, 2005

Keys to Paradise and Too Many Legs

My favourite character on "Coupling" is Jeff. We watched "The Man With Two Legs" again tonight (on DVD) and I just crack up every time Jeff opens his mouth. It got me wondering whether the same writer does his lines all the time, or if it's a group effort. I mean, how does that work? I'd really like to know. He's got such a consistent kind of humour that it seems it would have to be the same person.

I got some new flicks at the library so will review them as I watch them. I was unable to bring myself to watch The Bourne Supremacy so I took it back tonight. If anyone really liked it, LMK, OK? I really want to see Hotel Splendide, but sadly, I haven't been able to find it 'round here.

John's mom wanted to hit BB&B so we went there and then hit Panera afterwards. MMMMMmmmmm! Gotta love Panera, and I never get to go there, so that was great. We just did cocoa and a cinnamon roll/muffiny thing, but I got a bunch of bagels and 2 spreads for breakfast tomorrow. TOTAL DECADENCE!!!! *grin*

One of John's co-workers that was here 'til the wee hours last night (sadly, working) wore a Vikings jacket, so I was forced to torment him about that. He knew what I was on about the instant I came out of the house, where his jacket was draped over a stool, and said, "Something is terribly wrong with our house!" He retaliated by trying to convert the kids to Viking fandom, but fortunately they are well indoctrinated in favour of the Packers and were unswayed by his evil attempts at subvervsion.

Thursdays are always busy days (4 hours at the dojang - 2 in the morning when I teach little kid class and then the bigs have homeschool class, and 2 in the evening when John and I have class followed by sparring) so I guess I'd better get my bum to bed. Well, actually my bum is already in bed (with the rest of me, thankfully) but you know what I mean.

Tip of the day: Don't switch your baking agenda from chocolate chip cookies to pumpkin cake unless you want a full-blown (or at least half-blown) mutiny on your hands.

CDs of the Day: Harry Connick Jr. "When My Heart Finds Christmas," POTO (hmmm, now that I think about it, I'm not sure whether I actually put the CD in or it was just playing in my head all day. I did play through the piano music today - ordered the book at the library and picked it up this evening *grin* Wish it was more complex, though.), The Hobbit (audiobook) They're just escaping from the spiders.

Horoscope of the Day: That man that you never suspected of stalking you actually IS stalking you. The one you slightly suspected of stalking you isn't. It's an auspicious day to make pudding as long as it's chocolate.

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