Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bizarre and Amazing Coincidence

Oh - Em - Gee!!!!!! I posted that kilt pic at something like 2:30 this morning. I first saw it yesterday. Sheila had not read my post yet when I talked to her today, but she knew exactly what pic I was talking about, because she had seen it for the first time yesterday as well. Now for the weird part. A friend showed it to her yesterday, but I found it by poking around in the July archives of someone else's blog. See, I could understand it if it was some meme flying around the net, but, no. My link was 5 months old and her source was unrelated. Well, both sources have a military connection, but that's all I've been able to establish. "Odd," said Mabel, "very odd." Must be a sister thing. Kinda like when I pick up the phone to call her and she's right there on the line already. (Yeah - that's happened.)

I know you're sick of this, but TWELVE! (Oh just read the book, already! It's too complicated to explain.)

Uh, Sheila, if I don't remember to send you a very specific kilt pic, hassle me about it. Trust me, you'll know when I've sent it. *wide eyes*

Don't you just hate people who are self-appointed policefolk? If you have a beef with someone, have the gonads to talk to the person yourself rather than running to mommy. I'm not impressed. That is all. *toothy grin* (not you She-ra :o) )

The Prawn passed her test and is now a YELLOW BELT!!

waiting patiently

answering Qs: "Who is your best friend?" "Molly" "Why?" "Because she can draw really well." "Who is your true hero?" "Pencils, paper and books." "Why?" "Because they help me learn." (she flip-flopped the answers) "Count to 10 in Korean." "Hana, dool, set, net, tasot, yasot, ilgop, yadol, ahop, yol." "Why do you bow?" "To show respect." "When do you bow?" "To the flag before and after class, to the Master, teacher, and all adult black belts."

"Ai!" finishing her form


Self defense #2

preparing to break


new belt!


high 5!

We are so proud of our Prawnie!!!


jsshutt said...

which daughter is this?
what kilt picture?

jsshutt said...

Hi, I just wanted to make sure that Dagny was the boy. I am 99.9% sure! But really need to know...yes, missed the sat mail dealine

Candace said...

Gordy's the boy. The pics are of Dagny - dd#3. I know - it's a VERY unusual name. :) I just posted a wee bit about it over on B&G. :)
Oh - the kilt picture is here

Click on "even yummier" in the 5th paragraph from the bottom, but only if you don't mind seeing a wee bit of buttock. The men are marching over a grate a la Marilyn Monroe, LOL!

I had posted it the day before and my sis had seen that pic elsewhere for the first time that day. My source was way old, though. Weird.