Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I do love Wednesdays. (I know, I keep saying that.) Today we're getting wood so we can make FIRE! (insert caveman grunting here) This morning the weather-dude on the radio managed to sneak in the words "25 below" a couple of times before we hit the snooze button. I think he was on drugs. It doesn't get that cold here in MI. Does it? I didn't think so. . . WI, Yes! But MI?? Nah - he's on quaaludes or something. (there's a strange word - wonder what the etymology of that is. . .)

I swung the deal of my budgeting career last-night. Honestly, it was my finest moment as both a negotiator and as the financial planner of the household. We are dumping Satellite TV! YES!! That is going to save some dough. The killer was that the only thing it was used for was for football and racing. We never, never, never watched any of the kajillion channels and it was driving me nuts to pay for them. Yep - it was a beautiful moment. :o) Of course, it's already turned off cuz we didn't pay our bill (d'oh! - we are OUT of money and I have to come up with a way to pay the gas bill - eek) but we're not getting it turned back on. Woo hoo!

Oh my! Is it Winter Solstice today? Where did the time go? Good grief! Happy Solstice, everyone. I guess I'll give the kids the day off.

OK, I have to figure out what we're going to eat for breakfast. It's been oatmeal for too long, but there's no bread (or any bread-products for that matter), no milk (we don't do a lot of milk in the winter anyway - too much makes the kids break out) no eggs. I think maybe it will be a "lunch for breakfast" day. We have pasta and rice and I can do a curry or some kind of Medeterranian pasta thing (toss the pasta in olive oil, red wine vinegar and herbs.) Yeah, I think lunch is the way to go. Payday is Friday. Yay!

Sheila, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I think it's AWESOME!!! But I still think you should have done it with a sticky note. Hey - it's not too late. That's how you can give your official notice. Oh come ON!! DO IT!!! it will be great fodder for your bio when you're even more famous.

Oh yeah - speakinawhich - I did submit your info to the SW place, so hopefully you'll be contacted for that interview soon. :o) Good thing you have such a devoted sister to help with PR. :o)

CDs of the day (so far): Dragostea Din Tei, The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain (a musical written by a friend - GREAT stuff!)

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