Saturday, December 31, 2005

Photo Essay and NC-17 Toward the End

Don't worry. I'll warn you when to look away. ;o)

I have some catching up to do now that we're home and I can post pics. First off, a restaurant name that has been giving me fits for a couple of years cuz I can never read the sign before I'm past. I finally managed to immortalise it in digital format when we drove to WI on Christmas Day:

Dunno how to pronouce it. Like it's spelled, I guess. ;o)Still haven't Googled it like I planned to. Has anyone ever been there? It's near Janesville, WI. (OK, now I've Googled it for the lazy people ;o) )

Technically this should have come first but it's not as interesting. This is a building we always pass when we go through Chicago. It used to be a burnt-out shell, then we noticed that someone was gradually fixing it up. Wish I had a "before" picture.

Look, Linus!!! It's the GREAT PUMPKIN!!!!! Or else a HUMONGOUS Pez dispenser. . .

Ever need a place to stash all that dirty underwear? Here it is!

Please tell me you get it.

Oh yeah - Trillian celebrated our return by playing "tree-topper" while I blogged and listened to Bob Manor and the Getaway Drivers. (My sis is their new backup singer and I stole my sis's CD **grin** Really Great Stuff!! Don't worry. Navan is still alive and well!)

I had so much fun this week - laughed so hard!! (I'm a laugh junkie, so this was Nirvana!) My sis finally got up the courage to tell me what was so particularly disgusting about
Throwing-Up-Buffet-Lady. (a few paragraphs down, after the disclaimer) So what was so special (look away, oh weak-stomached ones) was that the lady was CHEWING what came up as she vomited. That is the all-time gross-factor winner in my book. I don't think a puking story can get any worse.

OK, now the NC-17 part. Avert your eyes, kiddies! (Mollusc, this means you, too!)

********(I'm not kidding. Go away, children)**********

My friend (I swear it's not me. I wouldn't have the guts to post it if it was me, LOL!) had a toy - you know - a *toy* - and it BROKE the second time she used it. The bendy wire buried in the core of the material (so it could be bent/shaped) BROKE and now it's experiencing Erectile Dysfunction. I wanted to cheer her up, but seriously, what can you say about something like that? So instead I laughed until: I couldn't speak, my eyes were watering, and my stomach hurt. Well at least *I* feel better. ;o) No one was hurt during this incident. Well - besides the toy that is. No, I don't have a picture of Floppy.


Trundling Grunt said...

If it was under warranty she could take it back and explain to the clerk what happened. If she does that could you please record the discussion....

Candace said...

HAHAHAHA!! **grin** I actually thought about telling her to try the warranty thing, but she's had it a while, and I dunno. . . Actually the store is pretty reputable if she can get up the guts to go try to trade it in, LOL!

But I did NOT think of recording the conversation. Hmmm. . . that would be VERY Blogworthy, IMO!

Gawpo said...

Candace: I love that one comment about the Hhffrrrggh Inn that goes, "Can't say it. Can't spell it. Can't forget it." Awesome. I wanna go there.

Candace said...

Heh! The only trouble is if you actually want to get someone to go there. What do you say? "Hey, let's go to that one restaurant with the weird name." :-P

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