Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In Which I Shackle Sis to Couch. . .

Actually, sis and mom, both, and I force them to watch The Phantom of the Opera! Yay!!!! And they loved it!!! :) And that in SPITE of The Prawn having a crisis at exactly every dramatic moment. *sigh* SIL is next! (also a POTO virgin) And sis wants to see it again. Now I can show her my parody, and she'll "get it." :o) My dad would've loved this film. Wish I could discuss it with him.

Yesterday (well, Christmas Day) we took advantage of the zero traffic and drove here to WI visit family. Good decision! We made GREAT time.

We have to get to Lao Laan Xang - our favourite Laotian restaurant while we're here. They have the best egg rolls in the universe. I guarantee it.

We may hit the Elvehjem, which is apparently now the "
Chazen." Whatever. Also should pop into Vilas Hall where She-Ra works to say hey and show the kiddos where I took my journalism classes. Also must get to Frugal Muse. MI doesn't have good used bookstores. Madison has 4 fantastic ones!! Like we need more books. Actually, I brought 2 boxfulls to sell to help finance - well - prolly to help finance what we end up finding. *rolleyes*

What else? Oh yeah - the fabulous pizza joint on State Street. Even John raves about it and his band of "OK" is very broad, so only things he considers exquisite get raves. :)

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