Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sacrifice to the Kitchen Gods

The thing about snow is, it's so fun to drive in. Our sub doesn't salt the roads, so right now, the entrance to our driveway and the road in front of it are - to quote Stony - "Greeee- Seee!" Perfect for some Bat-turns. *grin* Hit the gas just as you're turning up our drive and the back end will swing round fast, LOL! Or hit it just as you're pulling out, correct just before it swings and you do a lovely slide across the road. Woo hoo!

Today Prawn sparred again. It's like Teddy Bears sparring out there. :o)


Prawn's opponent gets in a nice kick.

Prawn gets in her own kick.

Clash of the (miniature) Titans!


D'oh! Prawn looks mean cuz she's kind of chewing on her mouthguard but it makes for a funny pic. Gotta work on my focus!

The Prawn cracked me up today singing "The PHAN-tom of the Opera is BARE, inside my mind." *gigglesnort* Maybe inside MY mind. . .

Note to Self:

When making buckeyes, do NOT put the chocolate and cocoa butter on to melt and then start swordfighting with 10 year-old daughter! When I went to get the wax paper to put the buckeyes on, I found only an empty box, which Mollusc promptly claimed. She then began whacking me with the tube, so I grabbed the empty box and we started a duel that took us around the entire kitchen. Sadly, the duel was brought to an abrupt halt by the smell of scorching chocolate. Bummer. There aren't many things sadder than chocolate that has been rendered inedible. *tear* Fortunately, our burnt offering appeased the Kitchen Gods and we were able to use our last bag of chocolate chips and more cocoa butter to successfully coat our buckeyes. Whew! And they sure turned out GOOD!

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