Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dreaming in Cantonese

Last night I was SOOOOOOO angry in my dream that I started yelling in Cantonese, LOL! I was bawling people out, and so mad that I refused to speak English. What does that mean?? Prolly just that Cantonese is such a wonderful language for whining or yelling that it was the only way I could fully express myself. :oP

Today I took the kids over to McHattie park to sled while the psers were all in school. We had the whole place to ourselves! It was glorious!! The sun was out, but there were snow clouds a little ways off and after a bunch of runs down the hill, we laid on our backs at the top and looked up at the bright, flashing snowflakes whizzing past high up.

I used to wonder how the Eskimos could have so many words for snow. Well - turns out that was mostly urban myth, but if there was a word for today's kind of snow, it would be the one that means "a light covering of large, frozen flakes that resemble a fluffy pile of mica chips."

We had a fantastic wreck when all but Fishy were headed down in a cluster. Fishy decided to leap onto Sluggie's sled, which flipped it and brought it to a grinding halt. Sluggie had hold of the string to the sled Prawn and I were in, so when we reached the end of the slack we got whipped around and both flew out backwards. Mollusc's sled just skidded sideways --"like it did every time I went down the hill" -- and so the hill was littered with our bodies. We laughed ourselves silly!

When my bum had frozen and cracked in half (no snow pants!), we decided to go investigate the "River Running" - really a little stream at the edge of the park. We thought we'd walk on it, but it turned out to have dried up before the snow came, so now it's just an empty streambed full of snow. We wandered along the streambed just enjoying the quiet and the sun sparkling on the snow all around us before taking one last run down the hill to the car.

After sledding we came home to start a fire and drink hot cocoa. Ahhhh! I do love Wednesdays. :o)

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