Friday, December 23, 2005

In Which I Flash Everyone at Target

We had a little last-minute shopping to do today. When I ran into Target - wearing the infamous Mystery Shirt - to grab something, I had been poking around for about 15 mins in various sections when I heard the lady behind me say into her cell, "just a minute" and then there was a tap on my back. I turned around and she mouthed at me, "your blouse is open!" I smiled my thanks and looked down, thinking it was just the regular top 2 open (they're kinda far apart, but just one open is pretty high) and lo and behold, I had 3 open! Well, like I said, they're kinda far apart, so I was putting on QUITE a show. Good thing I had on a lovely, coordinating bra. Well, Merry Christmas, Gentlemen! I hope that made your frenzied last-minute shopping a little more worthwhile, LOL! It was kind of a time-release realisation, so I never actually got embarrassed. To tell the truth, I blushed far more when a lady at the DIA was raving about my shirt than when discovered that I was flashing the whole of Target. :oP

I've been getting incredible blog hits: Kuala Lampur, Malaysia; Valencia, Spain; Austria, Poland, New Zealand, Australia, Estonia, UK, and the list goes on. Hello to all of you, and welcome! Drop me a line if you like. It would make my day! :o)

We're going to watch The Lord of the Beans, so I think I'm off for now. Ta ta!


LarryandJean said...


You made all your wide-flung readership speechless with this one!

I had an English teacher in 9th grade who taught a whole morning of high school students before she was told by a teacher in the teacher's lounge that she had completely forgotten to button up her dress after putting it on. Boy did she scold us the next day about not speaking up sooner. It was a good lesson.

Candace said...

LOL! :o) Well, if we can't laugh at ourselves, what fun is life?;o)

Poor teacher! That would be pretty mortifying, LOL! But it sure makes for a great story once the embarrassment is over. *grin*