Wednesday, December 28, 2005


This is just so impressive it gets its own entry.

My sister gave her notice today.

On a sticky note.

She is MY HERO!!!!!!! :o)

I mean, really, how bloody COOL! She stuck a sticky note on her supervisor's desk that said:

"Sheila's 2 weeks notice.

Leaving to be a Rock Star."

ROTFLMBO!!!! That is so bloody awesome!!! It will be a selling point for her autobiography in 7 years, trust me. :)

Girl, you ROCK!!! In so many ways. . . :o)


Trundling Grunt said...

She deserves to make it big for that alone.

Candace said...

Hi, TG!! :o) Yeah - I totally agree. *huge grin* Is that not just the BEST way to quit a job?? :o) I'll be linking to the new band as soon as I have something. :)