Thursday, December 08, 2005

Spot the Kitten and a Bit of a Rant

First off, it's time for another game of Spot the Kitten!

Do you see her?

That's right!!

I saw the tree shaking and sure enough, there was a mighty huntress climbing to the top to lie in wait for her prey.

Now for my rant, which I started on a board before realising that I just need to do it here. It was an accidental rant and I got carried away, but here I can really do it properly. Brace yourself.

Why, why, WHY is it that European films and shows release a N American version? Do they truly think we are all that stupid? Or maybe more importantly, ARE the majority of Americans THAT stupid?


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Charlie clearly picks up a 10 pound note and goes into the store with it. Once inside, both he and everyone else refer to the money as "ten dollars." It is not overdubbed. That means how many retakes, with how many different camera angles? How much did that cost? Was it really worth it? Mostly, it's just insulting.

Harry Potter and the "Sorcerer's" Stone. Need I say more?? I mean REALLY!

Bob the Builder: Muck is supposed to be a boy, but he's turned into a girl for the N American version, presumably for PC reasons. The books still refer to him as "he." Can you say "confusing to a 3 year old?" Hedgehogs are referred to as "porcupines," and, in fact, the entire show is redubbed with N American accents because we are, presumably, too idiotic to understand British English. Sigh.

Thomas the Tank Engine: The Fat Controller is not PC, so he becomes "Sir Topham Hatt" (sorry, but that's just DORKY!)

I hate the feeling that I'm missing something. Maybe I'm just being paranoid like Arthur, but in the Coupling DVDs, the writer specifically mentions the N American release version. I buy British shows because I LIKE quirky British stuff. Arrrgh!

Oh well, it prolly doesn't matter in the long run. Mostly it's the principle that's annoying.

I hacked our DVD player a long time ago so it can play DVDs from any region. Maybe I'll just start buying them from the UK.

But if they release "Burns" entirely overdubbed by some American geek, I am going to go Postal on someone. ;o)

OK, I guess you didn't really have to brace yourself for that.

Thursday again, eh? Sparring was fun, though one of the guys STOMPED on the top of my left foot (accidentally.) And one gave me quite a stomp (side-kick) on the upper (non-pad-protected) arm. Owie. He ended up getting it in the cup, though, from the tallest guy in class (big, tall boy!! 6 foot something and only 14!!! Holy Moly!! I can still kick him in the head, though ;o) Don't worry, I kick lightly to the head), so I think I came out on the longer end of the stick for the night, LOL! We did 3-step followed by free sparring again, which is always a pretty decent workout.

It's snowing a lot out there. I think we got between 1" and 2" during class. More is still coming down. We may not make it to the pool tomorrow. Apparently "they" are saying up to 8 inches. Wow. (of snow - heh!)

GOOD NEWS! John is OFF tomorrow - finally getting his comp time for all those late nights last week. That means we can have a LATE night. **big grin**

Hmmm - a kitten noise. Methinks she may be stuck in the tree. *giggle*

What else was I going to ramble on about? Oh, well there's always this. What's not to like? :o) It seems to be everywhere now. John showed it to me a few weeks ago, and I kept forgetting to check it out on Snopes, but it turns out it's legit.

Speaking of memes (well, it's KIND of a meme, isn't it?) I still haven't found my Dragostea Din Tei CD. :( Good thing I have POTO. Poor POTO is getting all kinds of reworks now that we know the words pretty well. Ah, but what are songs for if not for retooling to fit our current moods and needs? (Well, OK, they are never intended for that purpose, I realise, but we are weird people.)

Sheila, are you flying through Detroit to go to Boston? Are you? Huh? Huh? Miss you!! I still think you should quit your job and devote yourself to your music here as a stay-at-home Auntie. Yep - definitely! The kids do, too. Just think of all those wonderful hours. Bring all your instruments and we can jam! We'll get the kidlets all trained on Celtic instruments and have our own traveling sideshow. OK, we could be a sideshow - or at least a spectacle - w/out any training, really. :oP

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