Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Broke my Bum in Half Again

After homeschool TKD class this morning, we went sledding at McHattie with some friends. What a blast! The other mom opted to stay in the car so I lent her my POTO cds (she's the one who introduced me to POTO.) Someone had built a few jumps on the hill, so needless to say there was endless fun to be had. One jump had been constructed from a hay bale scarfed from the vicinity of the small brick building at the bottom of the hill (the park put hay bales in front of all the trees and the brick bldg.) Another was a wooden ramp covered with snow, and the 3rd was a deceptively small looking little snow ramp at the bottom of the hill which launched sleds quite well.

The hill is like a dome and you can sled down all sides. I took the jumps with Prawn and tried to save her on all the landings, so my bum got a bit abused, but it was so much fun! (I highly doubt I'll be posting any pics of THOSE bruises ;o) )
The weirdest thing was all the dough lying around. No, sadly, not money. That would have been cool. No, this was pizza dough, or croissant dough, or some other equally odd dough to find lying all over a sledding hill. It was all over the place. Not sure what happened. Dough fight, I guess. . . There were also a green hat and a pink sled that had no owner. Odd, that. You'd think it would be pretty hard to miss a sled and a hat when leaving. Maybe they were fleeing from the dough fight.

2 snowboarders came while we were there. One was really good - took the jumps, etc. One was just learning. Prolly what I'd look like if I tried it. :oP It would be a blast, but I hear it's a great way to break an arm, and I'd sure hate to do anything that would get in the way of TKD.

Didn't get much chance to write any Phantom Menace of the Opera til late tonight. Not enough to post yet, but I'm giggling to myself and plotting more.

The kids had sparring tonight and all did well. Mollusc is getting a lot better. Much of my time seemed to be spent trying to keep the Prawn off my own sparring bruises from last night. Maybe I'll do pix tomorrow. I got a nice embellishment on the shin bruise in the last pic. (rolleyes)

Holy stink can Mollusc write! She's started blogging and wow!

Got Emma and Dracula (Gary Oldman version) from the vid store tonight. Watched most of Emma in the tub with Margaritas. Nice! Margaritas - they're not just for summer!

John gave me his story to read tonight. Holy Cow! It's brilliant. He took a story I did and wrote basically the other side of the coin from the man's POV. Wow! It's just brilliant!

Off to write some more silliness. . .

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