Saturday, December 31, 2005

Love is Tragic

Why must love always be so painful, so tragic? Why does it happen that the timing is off by *just* enough to cause pain and misery? Girl, hang in there. The timing is such that it could be OK.

On a totally unrelated note, John just found a ladybug who was obviously intent on taking over the world. He had, in fact, just reached the actual TOP of the world, (or at least the lid of John's contact juice) but John had to move him, so he's going to have to start all over again. Sometimes you have to conquer the world twice because of conflicts with other people's plans. So it goes.

Movie of the day:

Must Love Dogs

John Cusack is just so stinkin' cute and funny that it's hard to miss with one of his films. In addition, the lovely Diane Lane did a wonderful job as a fragile divorcee, whose sister has placed a personals ad online for her. Oh and the dialogue was fast-paced and witty throughout. :o)

This was a great romantic comedy, helped by the fact that the inevitable painful moments (YK that formula stuff) were not nearly as painful as they often are in Romcoms. I hate the whole formula of sticking in that/those painful moment/s, but if the film isn't going to break from convention, at least this one didn't have me cringing at those places. My biggest complaint is that we get ripped off in the Gag Reel - ONLY TWO???!?!?! Come ON! You guys were that perfect?!?! I think not.

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