Tuesday, November 29, 2005

100th Blog Post

Wow! I hit 100!:)

The Emperor's Club was very, very good. I wonder how it did at the box office.

Prawn had a rough day at TKD. She was afraid of Master Han and ended up crying for the last half of class. We finally got it out of her that she was afraid of him because she had dreamed that he had "hit her with Jabba's tail." That was days ago, but I guess it left its mark. Sigh. Poor Prawn. Poor Master Han.

We just finished supper and cleanup and it's 11:00 pm. D'oh! At least I don't have anywhere I have to go tomorrow. John's mom came today and needed a camera. She wanted to go get it before they sold out like the Target in PA did, so right after sparring I took her to the Brighton target and we bought the camera. Then we jumped through a few hoops while the young dweeb (nice, but a dweeb) at the counter tried to deal with using the $50 gift card for a bigger memory card. (Part of the camera deal was that it came with a $50 gift card.) He had it backwards and thought that the remainder left on the card as credit was the total of what was on the card prior to purchase. Now, the card had been given to MIL only minutes before, but alas, neither he nor his manager could figure out that he had the numbers backwards. Sigh. So after 20-30 mins of dinking around there that got worked out and we paid for my stuff (food) and promptly set off the security alarm when we tried to leave. *rolling eyes* The camera is definitely cursed.

John was putting supper in when we got home around 8 and it was done at around 10. Good thing Prawn had a nap today. (she fell asleep this afternoon before sparring)

I'm feeling uninspired. . .

Tip of the day: don't bother with gift cards at Target. They're ALWAYS a disaster.

Music of the day: POTO, Enya

Horoscope of the Day: Beware of small black objects. Beware Brits who eat eggs on pizza. Fire is still fun, but still dangerous. The hives all over your body are not an allergic reaction to your cologne, as you had suspected, but a sign of indwelling by a hostile alien.


Elizabeth said...

How about Americans who eat eggs on pizza? mmmm.... tasty...
(especially when the yolk is nice and runny! Kinda makes up for the richness missed by not having cheese on the thing)

Candace said...

Really?? OK so tell me - fried, soft boiled?

I have to admit I saw a "breakfast pizza" on a menu and thought it looked good. I haven't yet told the Brit I was teasing about egg pizzas, though.

I suspect his were hard boiled, which still seems weird, but he hasn't told me what kind they were. . .