Thursday, November 17, 2005

Still Trying to Get the Hang of Thursdays

Brrrrr!!! It snowed today. Really just flurries. And actually, I just threw a hooded sweatshirt over my shirt and the kids just wore fleece jackets, so it wasn't that big of a deal. The unfun part has been sitting on the couch by the (unlit) fireplace cuz a) the wind comes sweeping o'er the plain and down the chimney and straight though the living room and b) that blasted window by that couch that may as well have no glass. I stood some couch cushions on the sill - very high tech - and that's helped some, but the only thing that really did the trick was 40 pushups.

You know, though, I feel like a total wuss complaining after watching the interviews about filming Beowulf. They're great - EVERYBODY has something to say about that Icelandic weather. :o) I need to focus on being glad I'm not in Iceland. Unless one of those big warriors would help keep one warm. . . *evil grin*

I taught TKD class this morning but the kids were definitely in full moon mode today. It was all right in the long run, but that cute little newbie cried for the last half. We never figured out what was wrong. Poor little guy. I hope he doesn't quit. I can tell that he has potential already. He's really physically advanced for his age.

Our class was easy - too easy - but that's OK I guess. John and another guy are both suffering from the after-effecs of nasty colds, so they can hardly breathe. We didn't stay for sparring cuz we figured it wouldn't be a great idea for John, plus the last thing we need to do is roll an ankle and break it right before wee test. Yeah - we're pansies aren't we?

Swimming tomorrow!! Yippee!! I've dropped through a new weight threshold. I'm getting to the point where there's not much left to lose. I'm shrinking out of my TKD pants, but I can't get a smaller size cuz they'll be too short. My belt has gotten longer. Weird. I shrank out of my bathing suit a while ago and had to get a new one cuz the old one fell off when I swam and dived. D'oh! I'm happy about it, though, of course!

Prawnie fell asleep on the couch plugged into the MP3 player this afternoon. Very cute! I got up to take a pic and she woke up but promptly feigned sleep again when she saw I was trying to take a pic. What a ham. Someday I'll figure out what's up with my website and post some more pics. (I think I reached the limit of my picture storing capabilities.)

I'm outlining the new book and have gotten almost through, but there are a few little things I need to work out. All part of the process.

Mollusc is making some really lovely subtle jokes and observations these days. She definitely has my bizarre sense of humour. She and Sluggie are both drawing up a storm lately. They're showing soome real talent. I'd love to get to the DIA eventually, though don't really want to take the kids solo since it sounds like it's not in a great part of the city. Man! I didn't know until posting that link that it's the 5th largest museum in the country. Cool! I know they have a Cassat or 2 there that I'd love to see. Maybe while John is off during Thxgiving vacation.

Off to the tub for now.

Music of the day: You wouldn't seriously be asking would you? It's The Phantom of the Opera movie soundtrack of course!! All day, every day, baby! Sigh.

I need to figure out how to contact Andrew Lloyd Weber so I can send him a big THANK YOU! What amazing, inspiring, fantastic music!

Sheila, if you haven't seen it yet, you're absolutely nuts. Tell me any movie - even a gory awful horrid one, and I swear I'll watch it if you'll watch POTO. Better yet, come visit me and watch it here! :oD I miss you! It sucks not living by family.

That's the only thing that really sucks about living here. The rest is pretty awesome - great scenery, milder weather (than WI), great people, awesome TKD studio, FANTASTIC homeschooling law. People in the city can get a bit "East Coasterly" by which I mean that they don't look at you or say "hi" or anything I guess - I havent come across that yet. Oh and the concept of "customer service" is pretty much an alien concept here. That's bizarre. But here in our town that's not the case. The driving - I don't find it any worse than anywhere else, just different. I far prefer the highway driving to that in CA. Those folks are crazy, IMO. They don't get in the lane they need 'til the absolute last second and then they cut you off. Here, they get in like half an hour before they need to, so that can be a little frustrating if they make a big backup, but preferable to the swerving straight at you thing. WI was messed up, too. Very inconsiderate drivers - "you want to get in this lane? Not on MY watch!!" Here they're a LOT more considerate. If you're waiting to pull out onto a busy road, someone will stop and let you out, guaranteed. I think the scariest place I've ever been on the road was Texas, though. I'm trying to figure out if part of that was due to not having been in a car for 6 weeks or however long 8? It's all a blur now(Air Force basic training) and then being overwhelmed by it, but, no, I think those Texas drivers are just bloodthirsty maniacs.

Well, the poor Phantom is on his way down once more to the dungeons of his black despair and it's time for me to head down the hall to the tub.

Ourfeetaresore (deutsch)
Hastylumbago (espangnol)
Ariverdirty (italiano)

oh enough language corruption already

annyong hee kaseyo

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