Monday, November 21, 2005


Ahhhh - that's better! I got to spar tonight. Well, it was three-step, but I still got sweaty and bruised, so I'm feeling more like myself again.

Even though (or maybe because?) I didn't get a chance to eat before class because of the my dentist appointment, I had LOTS of energy for sparring. 3-step is the most grueling because it's nonstop for the whole time, and even on my last partner, I was still plenty bouncy, able to repeatedly, quickly switch stance, move in and out - it was AWESOME! I'm starting to try remembering to kiyap during sparring and even that didn't sap my energy. w00t!

We're bunny-sitting and the cats are highly intrigued. It's bizarre cuz they FREAK OUT over other cats, but any other animal is just a curiosity to them. Very, very odd, IMO.

The hygienist at the dentist asked what school the kids go to, and I told her we homeschool. She asked lots of Qs and seemed very, very interested. I'm always worried I'm going to offend someone. I mean, frankly, school isn't good enough for my family and that's why we hs. It is NOT the ideal learning environment, but I don't think people who put their kids in school are evil or anything. I think I do well at not offending folks (well except maybe just here where I let it all hang out, eh?) and they always react very positively. Well, from what I can tell. I do kind of suck at reading people as it turns out. But anyway, this woman was really asking lots of Qs and seemed very interested. She also asked a lot about TKD. Maybe they'll show up there.

Tip of the day: pushups are hard when you're laughing.

Music of the day: don't be ridiculous. POTO of course. I did squeeze in a couple Aichas (Khaled) and a wee bit of Sting but then I had to hurry back to POTO. Still plugged into it as I type, in fact. Nothing has ever moved me, spoken to me, stirred me like this music. And it just gets better as you listen to it more. Amazing.

Well, tonight I shave John's head and mustache. Cool! I'm looking forward to that. Momentous, too.

Gotta write. . .

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