Sunday, November 13, 2005


My lovely, amazing husband bought the Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack today. He put it on the minidisc and I'm sitting here, writing, while deeply ensconced in this gorgeous, amazing music. Ahhhhh!

We went out shopping and it sure was good to get out of the house. So far no more of the children are sick, knock on wood. I got some great new tops - a little sassy - and, continuing in the sassy vein, some bras and panties. Life is good! My new jeans are none too tight. I may need to go down to a 6 before long. I'm certainly not crying about that! We also got most of the goodies for the Christmas box for my German penpal. We've been writing for more than half our lives now. Not bad! She has email now, so maybe that will facilitate even more frequent writing.

John made something marvellous for supper last night. It was from the Cook's Illustrated website - pressure cooked chicken with lemon and garlic, rosemary and thyme, rice and peas. Yum! That will have to be added to the repertoire. The kids ate like crazy. I'm still rooting for the pork chops with balsamic vinegar etc. for Thanksgiving.

It's time to make some plans for travel to Europe now that the kidlets are older. I'm looking at 2 yrs from now. Not sure which season - prolly Fall or Spring, when most kids are in school. That should give the combined benefit of non-peak prices, and having the sights more to ourselves. I suddenly realised that if we don't start planning, it will never happen. I need to see where the AAFES travel service has condos. I know they have them around the world, and their prices are awesome. Having a kitchen will make it a lot more affordable as well. I'm going to try to talk Sheila into coming. (What say you, girl?) Anyone who lives in Europe or who has been there, please give me tips on how not to appear like a - what's the phrase? - oh yes, an Ugly American. I'd rather blend in a bit and enjoy the sights and spectacles as opposed to being the spectacle ourselves. Although from what I read of Europe's negative population growth, and given the fact that we have four children, perhaps there's no way to avoid being a spectacle. . . Then again, we are pretty much a spectacle anywhere we go, even here in the States, LOL!

Anyway, we need to plan where to go. I'm all for starting with England, Ireland (family roots) Scotland and Wales. Sluggie says we should stay for 2 years. Well, probably not. I think it would be nice to plan to go after black belt testing - not sure for how long. 2 or 3 weeks I guess. If you're going to do all that flying with children, you have to make it worth your while.

John is cheffing up something else lovely in the kitchen. I am so lucky! Great in the kitchen AND in - well, that's better left unsaid, maybe. ;o)

OK, I need to get my backside writing again. Later Tater.

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