Monday, November 14, 2005


I managed to call everyone. Yes, I did fall asleep for a few minutes, but only about 15 and I woke up wide awake, so there were no probs calling everyone to cancel Monday as We Know It.

Here's something crummy. My blog doesn't show up on any Google searches OR Blogspot searches. I've had "yes" checked on the "submit to our lists?" option for as long as I can remember. I submitted the url to Google. WTH? So that stinks.

I'm on my - you know I don't actually know what revolution of POTO I'm on. I just keep listening to it over and over, though I do cut off the initial auction and Scary Opera Singer songs. I tend to start with Music of the Night. Wow. The few minutes that I did sleep last night were filled with the songs.

Fishy is up and and showered (believe me, that was neccessary) and has clean undies for a few minutes. He's watching a Kipper DVD and I have POTO cranked in my ears. I suppose at some point I'll have to feed the rest of the herd. My eyes are slightly burny. I know I should sleep. But I'm not motivated to start yet. I'm afraid that when I crash, I'll crash, and I can't afford to do that just yet.

Sheila, I tell you that you have to get hold of that movie ASAP. And you're going to be all fired up to jump in with both feet on whatever project Frank has going right now, trust me. I would if I was there - ah the benefits of children growing older! And then he could have his Sisters that he's always dreamed of. ;o) (singing at least)

Oh crap. I think my batteries just died. In the minidisc I mean. Wah! Her tears had just turned to tears of hate and BOOM no more POTO. I sure hope I have the right kind of batteries somewhere in this place.

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