Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Time Warp

We have this Russian clock - the kind they have on the Typhoon class subs, supposedly - and it only needs winding every seven or eight days. Well, by that time I've totally forgotten about it, so it invariably stops every week. Yesterday I was referring to it whilst writing on the laptop. All was going well and I was really able to get a LOT done in just a few minutes. It was like I'd entered some kind of time warp and I was really getting the most out of every minute. It was great. But when it got to be too good to be true, I squinted at the VCR clock and PANIC, PANIC (I know - so very NOT Hitchhiker Philosophy) it was actually time to change and leave for class!

Note to self, wind clock every Monday whether it needs it or not.

Food review:

Amy's Indian meals


On sale for $2.99 at Whole Paycheck (aka Whole Foods) which is the same as the cheapest ones at the Indian grocery.

Pretty darned good for curry in a pinch. (Like Lister, I adore curries.)

Packaged in a paper tray that you can nuke. I won't nuke stuff in those plastic trays because they leach toxins into tthe food. yum.

Organic, veggie, non GMO, non-rat-containing, non-sulphurous, non-accidental, non-gravitational, non-putrifying, non-comedogenic, blah blah blah


They come with rice which is crap and takes up package space that would be better spent on the curries.

Overall grade: A- If you can't make it to the Indian grocery and are making your own rice (which, thankfully, I did) they're tasty.

I'm out of lime and mixed pickles, which is tragic. I really need to get back to the Indian grocery store. . .

Didn't watch Bella Martha last night - too pooped after class and sparring to sit through a movie I'm going to mostly have to read (subtitled) so I read more of Lord Foul's Bane. I keep seeing it as a movie in my head. Maybe I'll make it into one when my skills are honed if no-one beats me to it.

I have a nasty muscle bruise on my thigh from a lovely but poorly-placed spinning back kick that my opponent blasted me with. Let's aim for the hogu, shall we? I can't talk, really. I know I got him in the cup at least once.

TIP FOR THE DAY: There's a big difference between "illuminate" and "eliminate." Always enunciate clearly.

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