Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Prolific Procrastination

Well, it's quarter to 2 (am) and John and Joe are still working. They're wrapping things up soon, though, but then they have to take the behemoth to Jeep Truck cuz it has to be on a truck by 5 am. So here I am all alone in a house full of sleeping people. 5 of them, to be exact.

I learned that the behemoths are Dodge Durangos. Have you ever been up close to one of those? I can't believe how stinkin' big they are! I swear the thing barely fits in our "2-car garage" (really a 1.5 car garage - fits a van and a riding mower.) Who buys these things? Gas costs must be astronomical.

On the plus side, I think John gets to take comp time tomorrow. Yay.

Well, they're off to the scary part of Detroit and will hopefully be back by 3:30. I guess it's pretty hoppin' down there at this time of night. I should have sent a broadsword with them.

Right now I'm sorta stuck in my book. I vacillate between "this is good" and "what crap!" Sigh. It starts out great but progressively moves away from greatness I think. Blah.

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