Thursday, November 24, 2005

Blogging for Sheila!

Strange how things are all connected these days. So, I've been pestering Sheila about getting over to the Beowulf website to check out the interviews, hear about the weather and landscape, listen to interviews in Icelandic (?) and more.

It's the best movie site I've ever been to, actually - informative, well laid-out, and just plain interesting. Anyway, I further pestered her today, only to find out that her Celtic singing group, Navan, will be appearing in the dramatised version of the new oral translation by Dick Ringler.

How very 12. (see Chasing Vermeer if that makes no sense) Doubly so because I've been riding her about this Burns project.

So, on to my Blogging for Sheila. (cuz she won't do it for herself) *grin*


Sheila and my mom went out to a buffet today for Thanksgiving dinner. Now, you should know that my sister has the weakest stomach of anyone I've ever met so far. That's not to say she's a pansy, by any means, but icky stuff, or the thought of it, really bothers her. I don't think blood and guts bother her, but things like vomit bother her. In fact, maybe it's only vomit that bothers her, come to think of it. . .


So they're at the buffet and Sheila ends up in full view of this woman behind my mom who is not feeling very well. In fact, she's feeling very, very poorly, and by the time Sheila is having dessert, the lady is blowing her beets. I can only imagine in what way this was happening, because Sheila told me it was spectacular, but then refused to describe it any further due to getting nauseous just thinking about it. I only know that it ended in spray. (SNORT - OK, I'm sorry, maybe that's not funny, but I'm remembering my poor, beleaguered sister trying to get through telling me all this on the phone without shouting soup herself.) My sis sits there trying desperately NOT to pay attention (yeah - good luck, eh?) and also not to draw my mom's attention to what's happening and chance ruining dinner for my mom as well. (Our mom used to be a nurse, so I dunno if that would really have mattered to her, LOL!) So there she sits, trying to turn all her attention inward and at the same time hoping she's not somehow coming off as sullen and surly to our poor mom, who is blissfully unaware of the spectacle ocurring behind her. *chortle* Poor She. I really do feel for you, ya know. ;o)

Now every time someone in the restaurant coughs, Sheila is hearing vomiting sounds (like when you know there's a mosquito in the room, you know?) and there's no WAY she's finishing her dessert. But the CAPPER is that Beet-Blowing Lady goes off to the bathroom to clean up and comes back feeling a LOT better. SO much so, in fact, that she proceeds to have about FOUR more plates of food! *snickersnort* I think Sheila and my mom got out of there before the re-load could be fired off.

Maybe you have to know my sis in order to fully appreciate this story. :oP

I don't know why I have a cast-iron stomach but she can tell you I get no end of enjoyment out of trying to gross her out sometimes. I think my proudest achievement in 5th grade was grossing my friend out of her pudding so badly that she gave it to me.

John is making his masterpiece balsamic vinegar, peppers, rosemary, thyme pork chops and they smell MARVELLOUS!!! In the meantime I keep filching fresh green beans while he's not looking. It's been an odd Thanksgiving with just us - more like just a vacation day than a holiday. Kinda nice, though. :o) With the snow and the early sundown, it's awful nice to just hunker and relax.

We were working on story submissions today (John's helping me wrangle them into the various formats required by different publishers) and then found out one place wanted a pic with the bio, so we messed around taking pics today, hence the new profile pic.

Need to do more work on the shooting script and track down a good shotgun mike. If anyone's selling one that's decent, please let me know.

Haven't gotten much hacking done on my novel today, so I guess it's time.

Oh, yeah - Sheila, I have my first word request. It's "Thank you." And a few things like "Who are you?" "Where am I?" and "What are you called?" would be helpful as well. Thanks, woman!!

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