Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Amazing Mystery Shirt

What is is about this shirt? I've worn it two times and been stopped three times with comments on it.

Not that I mind, don't get me wrong. Maybe it's the sheer shininess factor. Or maybe the light colours in winter when everyone else is wearing depressing blacks and navies?? Or maybe the peekaboo factor, but it's women asking where I bought it, so?? The men just - ok, well, they stare. *blushes* I never, ever used to notice that - never occurred to me that anyone might stare.

We went to the DIA today! HOLY COW!!! WOW!

We saw actual Picassos, Van Goghs (incl this self portrait), Cezannes, Berninis, a Seurat, a Monet, a Rembrandt (scroll down to see part of The Visitation) and more. We bought a membership today and that got us free tix into a special Rodin and Claudel display. Wow!! It was actually very surreal. And get this - I thought there would be cordons keeping you back from the art. Nope. You could stand right there, and if you weren't worried about getting clubbed by an overenthusiastic security guard (or damaging a priceless work of art) you could just reach out and touch the paintings! I seriously thought about copping a feel of one of the Rodin sculptures just to have touched one, but I showed enormous self-restraint and refrained. (pats self indulgently on back)

My favourite sculpture (well, OK, some of the Rodins and Claudels were really awesome, but another one I just loved) was a small Madonna and child, and the look on Mary's face is just priceless - like a real mama has when she's looking at her babe, thinking "he is just so darned cute!" Wish I could remember the artist. Guess I'll have to go back (how tragic :o) )

OK, Sheila, you asked for a pic of The Boy, so here 'tis, taken just a few mins ago. Please ignore the fact that he's wearing his sister's PJs and try to appreciate his newfound skill of crossing one eye.

While I'm in picture mode, here we are after one of the all-nighters when we had The Plague last week:

He's actually sound asleep and twitching in that pic. Looks so happy, doesn't he?

And Prawn after the first all-nighter:

It's been snowing all day and we have about 2 inches right now. It's gorgeous out there. I took Mollusc to the library after we got home from the DIA and when we came out, it was just starting to get beautiful. The snow was sticking to the trees and everything was turning white. There was that amazing hush you get when the snow is falling, and everything was sparkling.

Sheila, I got some Robert Burns stuff from the library and put a bunch more on hold, and I expect you to keep up with me on the research *wink* Elizabeth, if Sheila hasn't already told you about this, force it out of her. I think this is something that could be HUGE for Navan. HUGE!!

She, did you know he collected Scottish folksongs and there are books of his songs that he collected and/or wrote? There is an amazing amount of fodder for this project. Remember, you saw it here, first! :o)

I accidentally found another Shig on the web, but no clue if it's a relation. Very strange to see the old nickname and not have it referring to one of us. Very strange.

Oh, yeah. She and E - check it out - all in Welsh, though a bit different from what you do:


LarryandJean said...

Candace, you look smashing anyway and that top is just a really nice one that draws the eye. Nice pic!

Thanks for linking here on The Swap - I'd lost you.

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Candace said...

Well, thanks, Larry. :o)

Wow - I actually have readers? Cool! :o)