Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Peek Into My Day

GOOD NEWS!! The 2 attempts to raise our local taxes got BLOWN out of the water yesterday! I was wondering how that would go. They tried to sneak them in on a school board election because they typically have low voter turnout. Well, there was no waiting in line, that's for sure. I didn't vote for the school board member since I had no idea who the candidates were and it doesn't affect us anyway since we homeschool.

Here are some things I need to get done today:

--Finish helping kids with math

--Print out more copies of the script so we have 4 for reading

--Sit down with everyone for the initial reading

--Hack away some more on story #4

--Submit #1 to Black Lace

--Get out into the woods and enjoy this amazingly warm November day!

--Help Prawn with her reading

--Launch Fishy on a new book

I can't believe we have some windows open in November, in Michigan!!

This morning we're listening to "Rotk├Ąppchen und viele mehr." Not sure if we're going to move on to Korean story tapes or music after this.

Bella Martha was good! Contrary to what the trailer implies, it's less about Martha's relationship with Mario, and more about her relationship with her niece, Lina. But it was a very good story.

Hopefully I'll be able to update my to do list as the day goes on. Knowing me, I'll not get to many and end up doing a bunch of stuff that wasn't on there. :oP No! Think positive! :o)

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